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  1. Magdonal's Lock & Key offers $10 Key Cutting in LA (Van Nuys)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I adapted my banjo key to my switchblade a few years back (bc I have a '98) and last week it broke off in my ignition. I had a $5 ebay switchblade blank and banjo blank. I called about 30 places around Los Angeles (locksmiths, dealerships, Loews/HD) and had a range of prices for laser cutting...
  2. FS: 98 passat 1.8T manual - runs and drives, but written-off - $1K or part out offers

    Vehicles For Sale
    My wife got t-boned on the driver side. Crushed the front door, b-pillar and rocker panel. STill drives fine. I drove it for two days before taking it to the body shop, where they asssessed >$5K in damage. So insurance company wrote it off. AEB Engine still strong with Chipped with...
  3. Breaking blue b5 1.8t grey interior just over 100k good condition open to all offers

    Parts For Sale
    Hi all breaking my 1999 model Passat b5 (1.8t) I bought the car and the head gasket went so stripped engine then gave to someone to get sorted never see them agen! Anyway so all is there bar head of engine I just recently bought a brand new turbo for it I'd say done maximum of 3k miles absolute...
  4. Labor Dept. Offers Assistance to Illegal Immigrants Facing Wage Disparities

    The Black Hole
    chew on this...
  5. FS: FOR PARTS - Eibach Pro-Street Coilovers - offers?

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  6. pricing out coil packs for 1.8T - Autobarn Mount Prospect offers the best prices

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've been looking around the internet to figure out what is the best price for a set of four coil packs to replace the one that appears to be failing. I'm replacing all four based upon this comment from Robert Ford (Fixmy59bug): You are correct. Your engine code is AUG. The coil part number...
  7. Hyundai offers return of car if you get laid off!

    Anything Auto
    I couldn't believe it.....saw it during the super bowl. Anyone else catch that? They're claiming that if you lease or finance a car with them, and if you get laid off within the first year of owning/leasing the car, they'll take it and clear. Now THAT'S an offer.
  8. Who offers the cheapest O2 sensor for passat?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have a 2001.5 1.8t Passat with AWM engine. I have sent emails out like crazy to companies and not one responded. I found one for $60.00 but it says it's for an Audi A4 with AWM is it any different. It's the before cat sensor with 5 wires. Any help would be fantastic.
  9. Toyota Offers to Buy Back Rusty Tacomas

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    Wow, now this is customer service. Offering 1.5x KBB value.
  10. Conn. city offers illegal immigrants IDs

    The Black Hole
    Conn is a state I will never visit again! they are Illegal, you have them all in one place, arrest them and send em home!!!
  11. FS: B5.5 e-code HIDs and front fogs - offers

    Classified Archive
    The headlight lenses took a nice beating from the drive back from DubWars but everything else is flawless. Great for someone with broken adjusters, burned out ballasts and what not. You could also source new lenses and replace them. GEICO is buying me new ones so I won't need these anymore...
  12. FS: 99.5 A4 1.8T Quattro Make offers

    Classified Archive
    For Sale.... 99.5 A4 1.8t Quattro..... Make me a reasonable offer Located in Park City, Utah..... 5spd Manual 94k miles typical stuff: leatherette heated seats BOSE stero 6 disk trunk mount changer 710 N valve N75 J valve Smoked Side Markers double rear fog mod New stuff at about 80k include...
  13. f this pos. parts list coming make offers

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    zimm c/d rotors front zimm c/d rotors rear neuspeed springs neuspeed front sway neuspeed rear sway upper strut projector head lights cc euro switch hp evo 18x8 with kuhmo 712 punch rfd2212 hx2 punch 700s punch 500s 50x4 mempihs m class 6.5 x4 sony mp70 black door handle inserts. and more as i...
  14. FS-Stinger Interconnects make offers

    Classified Archive
    I just upgraded to the next step up. There is nothing wrong with these but I am getting a new amp and a set of 6x9s. I upgraded to Stinger Bullet Series :) Here's what I have- 2 17ft Helix- cost me $30 online 1 3ft Helix- cost me $10 online 1 6ft Helix- cost me $15 Radio Shack 1 6ft Hyper-...
  15. FS: Make Offers Alpine System NEW PRICES

    Classified Archive
    OK. here is the deal. I broke up the package and I am selling the items individually. The descriptions of each piece are further down in the post. The monitor and brain with wiring: $400 OBO (Normally $900) The Navigation unit w/newest navigation software for the US, canada, and mexico and...
  16. Make offers: System forsale

    Mobile Electronics
    I have my system up for sale. It is an Alpine cva-1005 (Avail) with navigtation (Avail) and dolby processor(Sold). Thanks, Bryan
  17. Who Offers An Aux Adapter That Maintains Use of CD Changer?

    Mobile Electronics
    I want to add a DVD player to my '03 Variant's Monsoon system but I don't want to go the FM modulator route. I know that PIE, Blitzsafe and Soundgate offer cables to turn the CD changer port on the Monsoon HU into an RCA type connection to hookup aftermarket CD changers, MP3 players, DVD...
  18. VW of Germany offers these...what do you think?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Passat with full Votex body kit plus wheels: Wheel detail: Same German VW site shows that they offer a Recaro-Sport Seat as a factory option!