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  1. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My 2000 passat 1.9TDi is starting to make me worried. This week while I was driving, it happened while I was turning a corner at low speed and it even happened on the highway driving straight, the engine will shut off instantly without any warning or stuttering/shudder/black smoke or anything...
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Long story short, the smell started up just a couple months ago on the wife's 01.5 4mo wagon. I figured "Hey, it was bound to happen, I'll just order the Blauparts kit and be done with it in a day or two over Christmas." Well, the CCT compressor tool broke, but I was able to replace the VCGs...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I have had my b5 wagon for a few weeks now. I love it. 1.8t, 5spd, Monsoon stereo, almost immaculate black interior and amazing exterior paint (for the year it is anyway..) PO dropped over $6000 in the 4 months prior to my purchasing it (new Timing belt, tensioner, oil/water pumps, new chain...
  4. Anything Auto
    it is just screaming police from the license plate
  5. Wheel and Tire Forum
    So I decided to remove my wheels today to put the better ones on the front for now, but came accross a very wierd lug bolt which looks to be a wheel lock, has an internal fine tooth pattern, not like a generic wheel lock. Should I just hack them off? :wrench:
  6. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    At nearly 12 years and 122k miles, I'm getting into the territory where "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." However, I feel compelled to replace my motors mounts which have been leaking since I first got the car in 2001. The leaking hasn't increased, from what I can tell. The car is still much...
  7. B5 Garage
    Can you verify that these are signs of a valve cover gasket leak? I've been dripping a small amount of oil for a while now. 1) 2) Back left corner from the top: 3) Back left corner from the side (via my pink hand mirror :P) 4) This is the area behind and underneath that back left...
  8. Anything Auto
    The most obvious PASSAT B5 copy over made. C'mon Ford, it's a 10 year old design. I guess that when your company is sinking, you try desperate measures to keep your company afloat (by copying the best car designed of the last 40 years). Ford already did this in subtle ways in the Mazda 3 (even...
  9. Anything Auto So they want automakers to add 200-500 lbs of side impact beams & airbags to combat a problem created by a foolish craze in the 90s? Now I'm praying for gas prices top $3/gallon. :evil:
  10. Anything Auto
    Other than stating the obvious, what are SODIUM-FILLED valves? what are they, and why are they used, any advantages to them?? thanks.
1-10 of 14 Results