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  1. For Sale TSW Nurburgring Wheels 17in x 8 5-112mm

    Parts For Sale
    $975 OBO. Bought these wheels in the beginning of April this year and just took them off beginning of Sept. The tires are in like new condition. The rims are like new just one small gouge as shown in the picture below. The other two pictures show the fine scratches barely noticeable. They just...
  2. MINI JCW GP Revealed with 8:19 Nurburgring Lap Time

    Anything Auto
    See all the photos of the MINI JCW GP at
  3. For your viewing pleasure...a lap on the Nurburgring

    Anything Auto
    Pagani Zonda R - Nurburgring lap
  4. Nurburgring Ring Cam

    Anything Auto
    Didn't see a thread on this, so apologize if it's a repost. But, thought it'd be nice to have a Nurburgring cam master thread with interesting pics from the 'ring. What's that silver car?
  5. Nurburgring Remodel

    Anything Auto Looks like it'll be a great vacation spot when its done :)
  6. Nurburgring "live" webcam - car spotting photo challenge!

    The Showroom
    So out of my boredom at work, lets start a game. Find some cool cars on the Nurburgring "live" webcam! It updates about every minute, let the games begin. oh, might need the link, btw you'll have to save them and then rehost them or it won't work...
  7. Camaro at Nurburgring

    Anything Auto
    Great vid/sound, yummmmmm!
  8. Audi R8 V10 burns on the Nurburgring

    Anything Auto
    That's what you get for putting an Italian engine in an Audi. I think there have been some Lamborghinis burning in the past, if I am correct informed. More:
  9. Nissan GTR Nurburgring Time - 7:15

    Anything Auto Inside's out on new Nissan supercar The clock is ticking as Japanese manufacturer Nissan starts the countdown to the launch of its new GT-R supercar in November 02nd May 2007 Disguised GT-R spotted on way to test...
  10. Webcam of the Nurburgring

    Anything Auto
    Updates every minute. Refresh your browser. I've seen some amazing cars waiting in line -- including Ferrari's, Carrera GT's, old school rabbits, new RS4's, and the M5 "ring taxi." Also, note the time difference if you are in North America.
  11. Radical SR8 demolishes Nurburgring record...

    Anything Auto Video here: Yeah um....RIDICULOUS.
  12. Spotted: American B5.5 on Nurburgring (pic)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I was browsing random photos on the net and came across this anyone know who it is? Also, this pic was taken in 2003.
  13. M3 GTR @ Nurburgring video!

    Anything Auto
    Right Click & Save This video is just stunning Rich :)
  14. What's the fastest production car motor on the Nurburgring?

    Anything Auto
    This would make a great trivia question to your car-crazy friends at the Christmas parties.... Because the answer is the 1.8T! The Carrera GT's previous record time was 7:32 This Dutch Donkervoort powered by a 1.8T did it in 7:18. (Anything in the 7 minute range is amazing.) I'd never heard...
  15. Great vid of Ruf 911 at Nurburgring! & Getaway in Stockh

    Anything Auto
    Great vid of Ruf 911 at Nurburgring! & Getaway in Stockholm Check out this is an older air-cooled Ruf 911 which sounds and looks to be in a very high state of tune, being put through its paces at Nurburgring in Germany. This is an awesome and scary long circuit where you can pay to...
  16. Nurburgring

    Anything Auto
    Can anyone find pictures from the 24hrs of Nurburging. Watching it on Speed now, and saw a nice B5.5 in the race.