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  1. Looking for competent shop to do flex joint welding in Maryland, NoVa or Phila.

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    I replaced both flex joints in my 2000 4motion wagon a few years ago myself and it was not fun at all. I can't weld to save my life. A month ago, my daughter backed up onto a curb and bottomed out on the exhaust breaking one flex joint. The other one doesn't look so hot either. Does anyone...
  2. FS: Nearly new 16" Steelies with winters/wheel covers in NoVA

    Parts For Sale
    Not mine, but a good deal for a winter setup if you need 16" steelies to clear a BBK... For Sale: Winter Wheel & Tire Package :wrench:
  3. Kara E. - Nova Scotia

    Hey guys, name's Kara & live in Nova Scotia, wondering if there's any other maritimers on here? I drive a green 2000 4motion V6, just picked it up a little over a month ago. Low kms and originally from the states then brought down to Alberta then I Bought it from a guy in Halifax for cheap...
  4. Nick McNutt-Truro, Nova Scotia

    Hey, names Nick, first time owning a car, first time owning something not GM, I must say, major improvment. Much more responsive, handle better (you'll see why in the pic of my old vehicle) GAS MILEAGE is sooooo much better, so im gonna keep this passat for a while and got some ideas in my head...
  5. NoVA ski meet around X-mas?

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    I'll be in the NoVa area for christmas, visiting my folks. How's snowshoe in WV?
  6. Wheel Refinish in NoVa area

    Anything Auto
    Anyone know of a wheel refinisher in the Northern VA area? I have a friend who lives in Vienna and scrubbed a crub pretty bad and needs it refinished. Thanks! :thumbup:
  7. Shop in Richmond or NOVA to repair bent wheel

    Dealerships and Service
    Anyone know of one or used one they can recommend? I have a slightly bent wheel I need straightened. :thumbup:
  8. WTB: Pass Turn Signal Housing and both Horns - NOVA ( ASAP)

    Classified Archive
    2000 Passat Wagon. CLOSEST to NOVA AS possible please.
  9. Das_Boosthead - NOVA

    USA - East
    Name: Rick Location: NOVA Details: 2003 Passat wagon, 1.8t, tip I just bought this wagon to replace my Mazda3 wagon. The Mazda3 was great, uber reliable, but was just too small after the birth of our third child. I'm a DIY'er and have been reading through tons of threads to familiarize...
  10. FS: 2004 GLS 4Motion Wagon NOVA

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    SOLD: 2004 GLS 4Motion Wagon NOVA SOLD Selling the family wagon, all service as been performed at Rosenthal in Fairfax or Miller in Winchester. Have all records. BLAUFERGNUGEN INC full kit installed at 104,000 miles. Vw Passat Timing Belt Kit For 1.8 Liter w/ AWM Engine Code Includes...
  11. APR ECU Swap for next to nothing - NOVA

    Classified Archive
    Hi all, This came out of my 2001.5 Passat Wagon 1.8T Tiptronic. I just want $150. My car was totaled and if nobody buys it then it will be going to the insurance company with the ECU. Thanks! Justin:wrench:
  12. AEB parts (NOVA)

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    For Sale: AEB head, no bent valves, 175k. both manifolds and turbo included. 650 OBO AEB engine wiring harness, uncut. 100 OBO B5 ABS module 100 OBO. B5 CCM. 100 OBO 5 bucks or it goes in the trash: B5 passat grey headliner Shoot me an email for fastest response [email protected] Thanks!
  13. Full running AEB swap CHEAP (NOVA)

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    All gone took it apart will post a list of parts in a few days.
  14. 17x8" OZ "nova" rims FS

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    have a set of 4 OZ rims, ET35 offset, 5x114 pattern. these were used on two B5 passats, but i think they were originally built to fit a mercedes. they have hub centric rings to match the B5 hub. they were just recently refinished. since the refinish they have gotten one small curb rash and the...
  15. 1999 Passat part out NOVA

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    Parting out a 1999 Passat PM what part you need and offer, can also get pictures of whatever you want. Doors and hood are all in good condition paint is silver. Interior is black cloth and has wood grain trimming. email me at [email protected] for fastest response! parts already...
  16. FS- One alloy Passat wheel/tire in NoVa

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    Local pick up only. As you can see, I started to whipe it down and got lazy, it should clean up well. Mounted, balanced and read to go. Price reduced. 100 bucks - Local pick up only. Fairfax Va 22031 Come and get it.
  17. VAG COM help...Richmond or NoVa area...

    USA - East
    I need some VAG com help for a 2007 B6...anyone can help would be great. David Opps...i think i posted this in the wrong area...sorry!!
  18. The Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia - anyone driven it?

    Anything Auto
    Planning on doing this route in July in my B5 Variant. How twisty and fun is it to drive? Any one have any tips on things to watch out for or points of interest that are 'must see'? thanks
  19. Vag-com Nova Halp!

    B5 Garage
    I am in Northern Virginia (Dulles Corridor) with a 99 Variant 1.8t Tip and I need VAG-COM to clear codes. My Multi-Function switch went kaput the other day and cause my transmission to go ERM. I replaced it (for under 300 bucks, and thats just parts!:mad:) and now I need to clear the codes. I...
  20. 99 1.8T for sale in NoVa

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    F/S or F/T----99 1.8T for sale in NoVa Hey all, I just got this 99 1.8T and it was not running well. Thanks to someone on this forum, I diagnosed it as a bad ICM and it runs like a champ now. I was originally going to export it broken, but since it runs well, it is better for the...