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  1. B5 Garage
    Hey Guys, I'm finishing a timing belt and everything else "while I'm there" project and I've got a snub nose mount question. Obviously, the OEM mount was old and destroyed, so I bought the rubber version and it doesn't touch the sides in the opening on the front clip. Probably an 1/8" clear...
  2. Parts For Sale
    Hello, Came with a car I purchased and won't be using it. Its in nice shape, doesn't appear to have been used very much $40 Buyer pays shipping, should fit nicely in a flat rate box.
  3. B5 Garage
    Loose or missing fan pulley bracket bolts has resulted in broken fan blades on the driven fan. Can I install: new bolts, new fan clutch, new fan without removing all the front end stuff - normally associated with a timing belt job, i.e. putting the front in service position? Thanks much for...
  4. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have noise coming from the front of my engine I think its a pulley give me your expert advice.I took a video of the engine noise,
  5. B5 Garage
    Everything was going along well on my timing belt replacement, and I figured I'd replace the camshaft oil seals. I might be regretting that decision. Put a sheet metal screw in the seal, pried it out and my f-ing vice grips slipped off and put a noticeable gouge in the nose of the camshaft...
  6. Volkswagen Passat Early B Platforms Discussion
    I was wondering if any of you know where I can get a nose piece with vents in it? I have seen pictures of B3's with vents of various design and sizes. Are these custom? Do they just make a template and cut the holes in the nose piece themselves and then back it with grill material? Just...
  7. B5 Garage
    Okay, I read the information thread on brakes and rotors and it is great. I did my front brakes last weekend. Easy except for those bracket bolts. Extremely difficult to remove. Let's just say a c clamp and concrete block gave me the momentum I needed to remove them. Anyway, I've got a...
  8. B5 Garage
    The title says it all. What are they. Btw, 1.8T AWM, 2001.5.
  9. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    A cookie for the person who figures out what happened....... and no, I didn't get a diesel......
  10. The Showroom
    both cars got a bath, b5.5 got a waxing too No orange peel I :heart: my new camera
  11. The Showroom
    Before: writing courtesy of the bf AFTER: (it's 4pm and almost 70 deg out, too hot! I'm gonna have to wax it next weekend)
  12. The Showroom
    It's been a while... tee heee can you spot the "new" mods? Floor shot for old times sake thanks Xedo!
  13. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I feel like a newbie all over again. But the question is how much louder are our 1.8T engines during idling and at a stand still? Also, the 1.8T seems to vibrate some more than the V6 I noticed. Same with the Audi A4 1.8T. Is that normal? I know I recently took notice of my B5.5 vibrations...
1-14 of 17 Results