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  1. No brakes, none, nada, zip zilch.

    B5 Garage
    2005 1.8 Wagon AWM 4motion, 188K Brake pad light came on, check brake pads in the front. They needed replacing, replaced them, good job brake pad light. Grinding noise starts in the back of the car. Both rotors in crappy shape and right side down to steel on inner pad. Change out...
  2. a lot of knock, click, clunk, tapping noise threads but none fit my case. help please

    B5 Garage
    hi all i have a 2006 skoda superb 1.8t, technically the same car as the b.5.5 passat albeit slightly elongated.I've posted my problem on several forums to no avail.been hearing this knocking noise,more towards thuds actually that seems to be directly proportional to wheel speed. only happens...
  3. Please help none starter

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    Really struggling to find out why my brothers passat won't start, on Friday on his way to work the car began to misfire and judder with the engine management light coming on telling him to stop, like an idiot he thought it was the oil warning and put way to much oil in and carried on home. He...
  4. None of my Speakers work...

    Mobile Electronics
    I get a new Radio from Crutchfield. I get all of the proper Adapters for the 2003 Passat. I follow all of the Wiring Diagrams and get all of the Colors Matched up. It was pretty Simple. No Modification of Existing Wiring. All Connected, Power up, No Audio out of any Speaker. Frustrated I...
  5. Ok, i read through 112 backup camera threads and none deal with my issue so here goes

    New Member Introductions
    I recently bought a backup mirror with NAV/ Video and backup camera features see link below. 4.3 inch smart rear view GPS mirror with reversing camera products, buy 4.3 inch smart rear view GPS mirror with reversing camera products from First id like to say this thing is bloody...
  6. I've read countless diode / MBC threads but none seem too concise. I know I'm cheap.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    2002 GLS // B5.5 // 1.8t // 5Spd So I know this is generally frowned upon, but I plan on doing a mild boost increase because - who doesn't like a little extra for some change? I have read the countless warnings about under fueling, spikes, bad mid range performance etc. I'm only interested in...
  7. Front HPS pads for B5.5 - Hawk says none

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Edit:--Update from Hawk in posts below--- Just curious. I know a lot of you use HPS pads on your passats, however Hawk doesn't have front pads listed as compatible for FWD passats. They only listed for the rears :crazy: Hawk Performance Brake Pads: Race Proven, Street Legal I see that the...
  8. 3 CEL's today, none from my Passat

    Anything Auto
    My wife and I have four vehicles between us, and today saw brand-new CEL's from our suburban, our silverado, and my jetta. My Passat, however, resisted the urge to join in. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings- maybe the Passat is saving it up for something big!
  9. Question: Week sound from 6 speakers none from sub

    Mobile Electronics
    Here's the problem: Car stereo took a turn for the worse. Worked great, got gas, restarted car and speakers were near silent. Strong sound is only coming from passenger front door. Checked connections to amp and fuses in amp, don't know what to do. I'm very new at the car audio stuff.:wrench...
  10. WTT/FS B5 passat L/S Headlight Projesctor Hella none HID

    Classified Archive
    As title says, want to trade or sale drivers side Hella projector non HID head light (Japanese market) with hight adjustment, Brand new, newer installed. I am looking for L/S Hella projector HID headlight for B5 passat compleate or just the housing for HID set up (no ignater or bulb). I will not...
  11. Attack the none donators and they will donate. ahha

    I attacked everyone that did not contribute to farming and most of them message me asking why i attack them. I say "donate to the farm or I will donate your stuff for you" and they donate, haha.
  12. Bush's mistakes, none he says, but here's the top 100

    The Black Hole
    during the debates Bush was asked about mistakes he's made since he was annointed,(elected?) He replied that it might have been an appointment, obvious reference to Paul O'Neil possibly at least, but here's the top 100 according to some folks, unless Bush has made you too scared to go to a site...
  13. y probs wit VW none wit audi

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    i dont f*ckin' get it volkswagon "0wnZ" Audi Audi cars own volkswagon cars are causin' nothin' but problems and all this stuff making me think more than price bout purchasing that 2001.5 black on beige 4motion GLX :mad: i love that car...
  14. Dealership overfilled my oil, none burned off after 500 mi.?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    ... but at least they installed my new black dead pedal for free! I had asked them if I could use their socket wrench to install myself real quick, but the supervisor just laughed and said I'd have to ask a mechanic. Then they surprised me when the same supervisor told me later that they...
  15. No Brake fluid (well almost none) in car!!!!!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Guys.. I posted before about the brake warning light, well today i just checked it and guess what.. No Fluid!!! Should this be normal or am i looking at a bigger problem.. Car has 12k+ miles and is 2003 V6 4 Motion.. From a look from the outside brake pads look ok but yeah they have some wear...
  16. Does the W8 panel come in none sunroof model?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    thats right. ive got a non sunroof 1.8T, and was wondering if the W8 pannel that everyone is swapping out comes in a non sunroof part.