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  1. FS: 18" Nokian Snow Tires (Like New)

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    In my search for snow tires last year, I came across the Nokian WR G2's. Although they're not the same as their hardcore Hakkepelita tires, I liked the fact they were an extreme all-season that could handle snow. Reason I chose these also is because while NJ gets its fair share of snow, it's not...
  2. FS: 17" Bistars w/ Nokian WR

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    Made up my mind - I'm getting rid of the Bistars. No scratches, dings, rash or other blemishes. Very good Nokian WRs on all four, at least 75% tread life left (will try to measure/verify). No pics today, but may be able to get some as early as tonight. Honestly, these are in solid condition...
  3. FEELER: OEM Bistars + Nokian rubber

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    Say, hypothetically, that I've got: 1) A set of OEM 17" Bistars (very good-to-excellent condition) wrapped in 2) Nokian WRs with (at least) 80% tread life left If the Bistars go for maybe $100 apiece online, that's $400. If the Nokian WRs can be found for $200 apiece, that's $800. But...
  4. Passat is finally all wintered up!!! Dieselgeek skid plate, Nokian Hak 5 w/ studs, et

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well, I know its almost the end of february, but I finally got my winter driver fully ready for the winter. Just in time as luck would have it, we just got 18" of snow which is now turning to ice, and then more snow tonight!! I got the Dieselgeek Panzer skid plate, mostly because everyone else...
  5. Nokian Hakka 5 review

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    I bought Hakka 5s for my GTI a month ago and we finally got snow to try them out. Went out for a drive this evening. Disabled the ESP of course. Plowed through 3 foot snowbank to get out of the driveway. Amazing stability, car stayed straight without effort, took corners without slipping. I...
  6. All season tire options.......Michelin, Nokian, BFG

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    I've spent a great deal of time searching for feedback on a few particular tires, and while one can find a great deal about the Michelin Pilot Exalto, there isn't a whole lot available on the Nokian WR or WR G2, or the BF Goodrich Traction T/A. Maybe that should tell me something right there...
  7. Anyone Running Nokian WR G2 All Weather Tires?

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    Well, the Nokian WR's have about run their life out and won't pass inspection this coming month. I've been very happy iwth their treadlife, relatively speaking. They've been great in the rain, snow, slush, and dry, for my grandma-like driving style. They weren't cheap - right up in there with...
  8. FS: Nokian WR Snow Tires Mount on Factory Alloy Rims

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    Set of 4 Nokian 195/65R15 WR All Season Tires. Tires have Winter Rating, and were excellent as snow tires. Less then 15,000 miles, used 3 winters. Rims are in decent condition, but do have some curb rash and marks. Not bad, prefect for Winter. $400 + shipping.
  9. Nokian I3's?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Anyone running these on a Passat? I have them on our Golf and love them. The car has the Michelin MXV4+ 205 55-16's for the last 50k miles and they are going to need replacement soon. (2000 V6 GLX 4motion).
  10. Any opinions on Nokian WR tires

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    I am in need of new tires for my 2000 b5 awd. I was recommended to purchase the Nokian WR all weather tire. I wouldnt mind buying a winter tire since I am planning on buying rims in the spring however the sales person told me the Nokian all weather tire is pretty much the best bet in that it is...
  11. 225/45/17 Nokian Hakkapelliita RSI

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    have a set of 4 Brand new they list for $200 each 2 of them are @ 50% 2 of them are @ 90% $500 shipped
  12. FS: Nokian Hakka Q's on wheels

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    215/65/16's mounted on 16x7 Sport Edition wheels. Do not fit Passat, but figured someone might want them. These came off my wife's 2000 Acura RL...won't fit her new MDX. Only used for two seasons. $500 obo. Local only - Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago... Email if interested: [email protected]
  13. FS: 15" Wellington with Nokian Snow tires

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  14. Some Nokian tires made by Cooper?

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    My parents came to visit the other weekend. When we stepped outside to go to the store (getting into my parent's Blazer) my dad commented about his new tires. I stepped back and saw he had Nokian Vatiivas (SUV all-season tires)! This is the cheapest man alive so my comment was, "H*** S***...
  15. FS: Winter Rims with Nokian Snow Tires

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    PRICE LOWERED $500 OBO for the rims and tires. Shipping not included (prefer pickup if possible) These are the stock rims which I used as a winter rim. The tires are Nokian snow tires 195/65 R15 91H M+S (Original cost $119.00 each = $476.00 for four) The tires have 500 (estimated) miles on...
  16. Goodyear Ultra Grip GW3 or Nokian WR?

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    I was all set to go get some Nokian WRs this morning but then I saw the Nov '06 CR test results for performance winter tires yesterday. They only rated the WRs at #5 and gave top honors to the Goodyear Ultra Grip GW3. Both are H-rated and have essentially equal test ratings across the board but...
  17. Nokian 205 50 17 WR Snow Tires FS Chicago

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    set of 4 with less than 200 miles used this past january (I was unemployeed and didn't have places to drive thus the non-use)... I used them to drive to a half dozen interviews and that's IT They cost over $800 Selling now for $650 Located in Chicago area (Wilmette to be exact)
  18. Specific Nokian Hakkapeliitta Question(s)

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hi all. I live in Northern Ontario, where the calendar consists of winter and 1 month of bad skiing. The Car in question is a B6 2.0T MT wagon. Tire priorities are as follows: - COLD weather performance (-30 to -40C is not uncommon) - Ice and packed snow performance - deep(er) snow...
  19. Buying Nokian WR's on Saturday...

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Well, the Conti's that I used to replace the OEM Michelins on my 15" Wellingtons are now officially toast. The Michelins lasted 22,000 miles and the Conti's aren't going to see 14,000. Truly a disappointing showing. In fact, if the weather hadn't been as dry as it has been recently, I'd have...
  20. OEM Wellingtons with Nokian Winter tires $180

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    4 OEM VW Wellington rims, 15", 5x112 of course. Made in Germany. Let me know if you need original VW part number, i can read it off the underside. Some rash on each wheel. Balanced and perfect for winter use. Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires - Absolutely the best winter tire money can buy IMO. At...