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  7. Anything Auto
    This is so ugly, I think even the blind may be reduced to tears... :wrench: WTF Nissan?
  8. Anything Auto
    We were on the way to check out a Ford dealer and happened to pass by VW. We said what the hell, and took a look inside. We ended up trading a '98 Saturn Wagon and my old '00 Passat for a lease on a new SportWagen S. After my experience at the dealer, I am considering trading my '04 WRX for a...
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    Read the complete 2013 Nissan Altima Review at
  10. Anything Auto
    the wife has reluctantly agreed that we need to replace her car - too many problems with it, and I don't know it like I know the Passat. 1. Front wheel bearings went out at around 55K miles. 2. front and rear brake rotors were warped at around 40K miles. 3. strange electrical problems have...
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  12. Misc for Sale
    selling this for my brother. it was from his 09 maxima before he returned it. he had lost the key and found it the other day,so i thought i would see if anyone here wanted it first. works for 09 and 10 nissans any model works. altima murano anything.
  13. Anything Auto
    My stepfather is a 204sx owner and a member of Nico Club. He recently found this article from the owner of SkylineOwnersUSA, a forum for the now hard to hold on to nissan skylines. I know were are euro based but I find the efforts by our government to confiscate these skylines a bit extreme and...
  14. Anything Auto
    Video Review Below: For the racists who prefer white... __________________ The GT-R is like that age old dillemma in life. Do you choose the girl that looks like a million dollars, but has all the...
  15. Anything Auto
    This is Nissan’s Los Angeles motor show launch: the Murano CrossCabriolet. The firm is calling the car “the world’s first all-wheel-drive crossover convertible”. It says the Murano CrossCabriolet has room for four adults and luggage, even with its roof down, and a “premium” interior. It’s due to...
  16. Anything Auto
    Like I need more crap to fall on my head, I have this to deal with now. I'm going to try to get under the car today and poke around, (sure my doctor would love to see me doing that) but here's my scenario if anyone had any advice/experience to share. 2006 Sentra 1.8S Automatic. 85,000 miles...
  17. Anything Auto
    STOCK: JAPANESE MODDED: It doesn't really look that bad after some japanese treatment after all. What do u think? However, i find it similar to the Fiat500 that will go onsale in US
  18. Anything Auto
    Built on a Titan chassis in Canton,MS. Passenger vans next year. long hood.
  19. Anything Auto
    long story short... bad wheel bearing at 75k miles on the wife's Quest. can only buy the hub and wheel bearing assembly - best price is $229 plus tax. the assembly bolts in, and the axle is threaded so there is an axle nut. axle nut is 32 mm, had to go get a socket for it. removed axle...
  20. Anything Auto
    Nissan recalls 540,000 trucks and minivans Nissan is recalling 540,000 vehicles worldwide to fix faulty brake pedal pins and inaccurate fuel gauges. The Japanese automaker's North American division said no accidents or injuries have been reported, but the company is initiating the recalls...
1-20 of 105 Results