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  1. Carfiend - Social Network For Automotive Enthusaists

    Anything Auto
    This launched today for i devices, has anybody downloaded it? I set up my S4 in my "garage" and broswed some pictures. I don't have normal social networks (facebook, twitter, etc) so I've been using Instagram to catch up on all of my car porn. This Carfiend app might make it easier, no need to...
  2. No network after connecting to RNS-510

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello, I have an issue with my RNS-510. As soon as I connect my phone via bluetooth to the system it has no network. It used to work okay but now there are issues. Is there any way I can fix this? Car is a 2009 Passat 2.0 TDI CR. Phone is a Samsung Galaxy SII. Any help appreciated :)
  3. Introduces Psychic Parts Network

    Anything Auto
    From an email GAP sent out April 1st. :lol: Introduces Psychic Parts Network We take pride in always shipping out orders as fast as possible. Over the past couple of years we have introduced new services such as "Parts by Fax" and "Yesterday Air." It has become...
  4. new speed trap warning p2p network

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    You maybe asking what and how it would work just check out it will alert you to speed traps in the areas you select and if people have been there and have seen the trap they txt the company and then the company sends an alert to you.
  5. Spotted on USA network!!!!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Im just wondering if anyone else has caught it. I was watching USA and commercials came on so I get up to get some grub. I glance over at the TV and see a Satin Silver B5, maybe had painted lowers, but DEF sitting on nice RS4s!!!!! :bowdown: I think the commercial was for that show...The 4400...
  6. Feeler: Turn your Parallel printer into a network printer

    Classified Archive
    HP Jetdirect 300x Print Server for Fast Ethernet Turn your Parallel printer into a network printer Compatible with any printer with a parallel port (except GDI printers, HP DeskJet 710, 720, 820, 1000 printers, HP LaserJet 3100xi, and OfficeJet PSC 500 non-networkable printers) or supported HP...
  7. Interfacing to CAN (Controller Area Network) BUS

    Mobile Electronics
    I've been reading some technical documents on the CAN bus and reading over the sites of german companies that apparently sell CAN bus interfaces for the passat...