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  1. USA - South
    Howdy folks! I just recently moved to Vero Beach, FL from Attleboro, MA. I'm starting to realize I miss having gearheads to hang out, have a beer, shoot the shit, and just ride with. I've pretty much been a Golf junkie for most of my driving years, having an '86 GTI, '95 GTI, and a '96 GLS...
  2. USA - East
    Hey what's up the names Marcus. I gotta 03 passat 1.8t. I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. Pretty much looking for anyone to help me with some repairs and hook up mods. Id rather have someone that knows what their doing than go to a dealership and get waxed. I have a nice spending limit so please help a...
  3. B5 Garage
    Hi there friendly B5'ers... After water leaks, seat removals, and some mold cleanup, I am left with an "ABS" light for all my troubles. From some forum reading, it looks as thought he ABS system dislikes people removing the seats (with the battery plugged in, anyway) Unfortunately, I don't have...
1-3 of 3 Results