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  1. it 'was a dedicated' article to my passat 1.9 tdi national magazine "al volante"!!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    it 'was a dedicated' article to my passat 1.9 tdi national magazine "al volante"!! I am proud to let you see the article on my passat ... after so many sacrifices to get it back in order and many kilometers, this deserves it and I deserve it;) Uploaded with obviously the one...
  2. Expert: Mexican Drug Cartels Infesting US, Even Our National Parks

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    Our Blind & stupid country at it's best.
  3. OMFG! Obama cancelled the National Day of Prayer!!

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    I just can't believe it! How could he?! You can't take my God from meeeee!
  4. National Minuteman group disbands amidst fears of being too VIOLENTLY CRAZY

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    Props on being self-aware, I guess....
  5. VW National Supply Chain Down?

    Dealerships and Service
    Called my local dealer to get an upper radiator hose, he tells me he can't one until Thursday because VW is redoing their ordering system. According to this guy they're down nationwide until Wednesday and he couldn't order one now if he wanted. Sounds peculiar...
  6. Palin: Couric's questions were irrelevant to national security and the economy

    The Black Hole ____ The questions that Couric asked "were kind of irrelevant to, you know, national security issues and getting our economy back on track"? Really? It didn't seem that way to me, nor the author of this blog...
  7. U.S. debt overpowers National Debt Clock

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  8. Happy National Change your Oil Day!!!!

    Anything Auto
    That is what today is. Make sure you know when you need to change it and if you are past that, CHANGE IT!!! :thumbup:
  9. YOO..My car is goina be on national TV

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    YO...My car is going to be on TV April 30th On FX, Comedy, Central ,AMC,and sum other channel my uncle used my car in his propane add. the commercial is going to be Airing all day....<<Look For the BLUE B5>>
  10. Where in the USA do you want the next national GTG???

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm asking for just a city where you would like to have 2006's National GTG? List a city and what there is to do... I would like to host it in Pittsburgh, PA. We could have access to an air strip/drag strip to get 1/4 mile times, Mt. Washington would have a great view, and there are a few fun...
  11. Passat does Rocky Mountain National Park ...

    The Showroom
    Just got back from a weeklong stay at that incredibly gorgeous park. Mileage all told is around 3k. ot a slew of kewl piccies. These are the B5 ones. 4 people with camping gear for 7 nights car camping and backcountry: My car comes loaded: Up in the mountains: Some windy, dirt road...
  12. National GTG T-shirts - "No it's not a Jetta"

    Classified Archive
    Double-posting, but just wanted everyone to know that I still have a few "No it's not a Jetta" tshirts left from the National GTG. I have them available in XL and XXL. 6.1 oz white t-shirts. Get 'em while they're still hot! Total cost shipped: $23.00 Paypal to: flu1969 AT hotmail DOT com...
  13. 1625 miles, 59.5 hours - my trip to the National

    The B5 Beat
    0645 on Friday morning: I pack up the Passat and head out to the gas station. I mistakenly go to the local place and get their premium, which causes all sorts of knocking for a few miles. I should have known - the Rabbit had the same problem with the same gas. I cruise to a rest stop in deep...
  14. National GTG pics here

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Commentary later (after I get some sleep)
  15. Return of the Buick Grand National??

    Anything Auto
    This is a rumor ATM, but Lutz has been on this "return of the muscle car" kick, so who knows!! With any luck, we'll see this bad boy!!
  16. Buick Grand National vs K04 18T

    Anything Auto
    In case anybody ever wonders, our cars cannot keep close to the V6 turbo in the GN. I casually lined up against one today, neither one of us really nailed it hard off the line, but at about 25 mph the GN hit it hard and it was gone - makes some scary sounds too. I was moving really good, but...
  17. National newspaper article on Power Steering Burnout

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Did anyone catch this article in their newspapers regarding 03' Passats.............If the steering wheel is left in the "locked" position, what i think they mean is when you turn your steering whel to the furthest point, and hold there for more than 15 seconds a burnout of the power steering...
  18. More 2003 National GTG Pics - 56k warning...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi all. I was at the National GTG Friday night last week. Shot some pics and thought I'd share. I resized them to 800x600. A mess a passats to the left A mess a passats to the right Katherine's (Atomicalex) variant A typical Liberty passat Tim's (blownaway) passat My 2002 Ink blue...
  19. National GTG/Treffen 2003 pics (56K warning)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Finally, here are a few pics from Treffen: Julian and Jimmy hard at work Julian's Best-of-Class Passat Julian's sweet engine bay Wax on, wax off! A-Alex with helper Michael Schumakers F1 car "Honestly dear, I was just shooting the CAR!" The stuff that dreams are made of... More to...
  20. Attention All Attending Chicago National CB GTG

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just wanted to say to everyone, please be safe driving...if anyone gets lost or needs help with directions you can call the store or my cell phone number. I would also like to add that Wett will be giving away one of their chips for the event...Thanks to Kelly at Wett shes the best... We look...