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  1. iTunes or Napster - which one?

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    I've been on iTunes and Napster websites. iTunes uses many different file formats but Napster's selections seem better. What do you all recommend?
  2. Any place like Napster out there now?

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    Where do you guys get your mp3s? Curious as I just got a cd burner for my laptop.
  3. Help With WINMX (Napster like service)

    Off-Topic Forum
    I've got WinMX 3.3 downloaded but cannot connect to any servers. Here's what I do know: I"m using AT&T's Broadband Cable Internet service. What I don't know is what to set my comm. settings to on WinMX. Any suggestions on proxy/port numbers??? Oh, I am running a Linksys BEFVP41 router. TIA