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  1. n75j

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    can i use n75j on stock 99 passat 1.8t
  2. WTB: SAI Pump, N75J, silicone TIP - B5 Passat ATW

    WTB/WTT Section
    As stated in title. For a 2000 Passat 1.8t (I don't think these parts are specific to engine code..) Please PM me
  3. N75j

    WTB/WTT Section
    Anyone have an N75J (Part No# 034-906-283J) they'd like to get rid of..and willing to throw in a post bag and send to Australia? Pm me or [email protected] Cheers :thumbup:
  4. '02 1.8T with APR tune. N75J or ECS N75 Race valve?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    The ECS Tuning N75 Race valve is much cheaper ($75) than the N75J ($138) they sell, so I'm curious which would work better for me. All I have is the APR chip and upgraded DV on my automatic.
  5. FS: OEM N75J and MBC

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    N75J (used for less than 6000 miles): $60.00 (these are over 120.00 from MBC (barely used): $25.00 Prices do not include shipping costs. The MBC was bought as part of an overboost solution kit from I installed it and did some test...
  6. About N75J

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi to all members of this great and very usefull forum. I need a little help my friends i need an opinion about replacing my N75H factory valve with N75J one.I will replace TIP too with a Samco one,and i just want to know if it worth for replacing and N75j.I have a B5 1.8T with 200ps on it.So if...
  7. Fs: N75j

    Classified Archive
    I'm selling an OEM N75J valve. I bought it off someone on Vortex and it had only been used for 6000 miles. I was hoping it would fix the surging issues I was having with my APR program but I noticed no difference. It did boost 2-3 psi higher however. I used for only 20 miles at the most. The...
  8. WTB: N75J Valve

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    I'm pretty sure mine is dead and I need a new one. Preferably if you have a J valve, that'd be great. Part #: 034906283J Let me know if you guys have one laying around. Thanks.
  9. why is my N75J different looking than what I've seen.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion not sure how to post pics sorry but all the ones I'ce seen on here had a black plastic "T". the one i just baught P/N 026-906-283-j has one metal stem on one side and 2 black plastic ones on the opposite side of the solenoid.. Is this the right part...
  10. WTB: N75j valve

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    okay so lately ive been having trouble wiuth my passat... i'm pretty sure my n75 valve is messed. it almost feels like the engine is misfiring sometimes, kinda jerks. sometimes it will boost to 16psi (i'm chipped) and then will go into limp mode.. you guys think the n75 valve is the problem...
  11. MBC vs N75J

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi. I got my self a MBC at Waterfest thinking this would incase the fun factor of my car. Well, I am able to put the MBC at a constant (bypassing the N75) 13psi. If I open the MBC anymore, it goes in to limp mode out once it hit 10psi. With the N75, I would spike to 21psi, hold 15 and drop...
  12. Wtb ebc / mbc / n75j

    Classified Archive
    I am looking for one of the title In the order, EBC Electronic Boost Controller or MBC Manual Boost Controller or N75J This is the N75 valve from the audi TT Please be in good condition and good to great quality with a price you would give to your best friend. :) Because i am your best...
  13. FS: N75-J Valve, 10mm spacers, badgeless grill, more

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    FS: B5.5 Sedan Stock Tailights, ECS ball seat bolts 43mm Sold
  14. FS: N75J valve, $50 shipped

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    Sold, thanks!
  15. WTB: N75J Valve , manuf. part# 034906283J

    Classified Archive
    As title stated, I'm looking for a N75J valve for my 03 GTI 1.8T that soon to be chipped:). I got the DV, but still need the J valve. Anyone has one feel free to PM me. Thanks.
  16. WTB: Test pipe / N75j

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    looking to buy a test pipe and n75j. if you have one or both, and the price is right, id be interested. thanks guys. :thumbup: test pipe's taken care of. still looking for an n75j.
  17. Fs: N75j

    Classified Archive
    $60 Shipped OBO. Pulled from 2005 1.8T
  18. n75j valve install problem

    B5 Garage
    ok today i installed my 710 dv, and my n75j, after installing the n75 the car started then died. tried again, started then died.tried a couple times. finally idled ruff for a couple secs then ran fine. drove it. good till about 3000 rpm then nothing. no power. installed it plug facing opposite...
  19. N75J + ATW K05 = crap

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well I got caught up in the interweb hype and made a bad purchase, the N75J. I thought it might boost quicker, with the known side effect of a boost spike. I was planning to cut the spike off with a MBC. With the N75J, boost was spiking to 13psi and flatlining at 10psi:banghead: Swap the...
  20. N75? N75H? N75J? Forge DV? TT DV? I'm clueless.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My 98 1.8t (AEB) is going to be chipped sometime next week. I've read that I need to upgrade the stock diverter valve to something more robust. This probably sounds like a really dumb question to a lot of people, but what is the difference between the N75 valve and the diverter valve. I've heard...