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  1. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Anybody have pictures of ADR M-Sports on a B5 or B5.5? Doesn't matter what color or size wheel. Thanks!
  2. Wheel and Tire Forum
    The ADR's have ALWAYS been my fave... but a couple of valets and my own misjudgement have left VERY minor rashes on a 3 of 4 wheels. It'll be tough to match the Hypersilver color, and not sure about pricing on remachining the lips to look the way they did. But I do want to repair them if I keep...
  3. Wheel and Tire Forum
    As title states. I might beable to get a set of these wheels for my car. Just wondering if they will fit up front given the fact that I have the HP2 brakes up front. Anyone running these? Thanks guys:beer: Will I need like 5mm spacers up front?
  4. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I was thinking about getting them in hyper black for my 2000 B5. I know Ive seen these on B5s before but I just dont remember where. Please post:thumbup:
1-4 of 14 Results