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    Hit a pothole a couple weeks ago and one broke in 2 pieces. Decided to buy S4 rims later on so these need to go. 3 ADR M-sports hypersilver. 18x8.5 One is not even a year old and has a tire with about 4000 miles on it. Other two need tires. The tires on them are 225/40/18 Toyo Proxies FZ4...
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    Anybody have pictures of ADR M-Sports on a B5 or B5.5? Doesn't matter what color or size wheel. Thanks!
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    No Longer For Sale!!!
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    $1000 plus shipping Wheels are in good shape, small nicks when looking close up. Lips were redone a year ago, clear is peeling on the lip on 1 of the wheels.... only notice if you are looking for it. The tires are General UHP 235/35/19's and have been on for only ~1500 miles, so they are like...
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    Im thinking about trading the M-Sports, but this is a total feeler. I would want a trade, Or I guess I would sell them for $1200. Wheels are in good shape, small nicks when looking close up. Lips were redone a year ago, clear is peeling on the lip on 1 of the wheels.... only notice if you are...
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    The ADR's have ALWAYS been my fave... but a couple of valets and my own misjudgement have left VERY minor rashes on a 3 of 4 wheels. It'll be tough to match the Hypersilver color, and not sure about pricing on remachining the lips to look the way they did. But I do want to repair them if I keep...
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    I am thinking of selling my ADR's from my Passat. OK, forget that. I am selling them. Don't know how to change the title, though. Size: 18" x 8.5" Color: Gunmetal 4 Yokohama ES100's currently mounted on the rims - they are pretty much shot. Price will include lug nuts *and* hub-centric...
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    As title states. I might beable to get a set of these wheels for my car. Just wondering if they will fit up front given the fact that I have the HP2 brakes up front. Anyone running these? Thanks guys:beer: Will I need like 5mm spacers up front?
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    $500 for wheels alone. Comes with mounting hardware. Slight pitting in the clear coat, but not noticable. One wheel has slight curbage, and one has a slight scuff. Beautiful wheels. Chris
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    FS: 18" ADR M-SPORTS $600+shipping LOWERED PRICE!!! 18" ADR M-Sports with 225/45 Kumho Ecsta 712 tires $600+shipping...HAVE PICS IF INTERESTED!!! The wheels were only driven one summer and the tires don't have decent tread left (i'll try to get some tread depth measurements) The rims...
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    I was thinking about getting them in hyper black for my 2000 B5. I know Ive seen these on B5s before but I just dont remember where. Please post:thumbup:
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    Ok here's what I got. These are 18x8.5 35mm offset ADR M-Sports wrapped in 225/40 Toyo Proxy FZ4's. The wheels have been on my car for a year, and the tires have just under 20K miles. 3 of the 4 wheels have been curbed, and the tires have little to no tread left on them. I'm getting rid of these...
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    Need to move. One set of ADR M-Sports 18 X 8.5 hyper black color. Complete mounted and balenced with Yokohama DBs 235-40-18. Used for two months then taken off car to sell. No curb damage. $800.00 plus shipping. Pics available