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  1. Great Car, Great Movie!! (Maserati content)

    Anything Auto
    I watched this a while back based on the recommendation of my wife. Great movie and even based on a true event.
  2. Bagged & Blown Daily (Movie Content)

    The Showroom
    Its been awhile.. Heres a video I made to show how I roll through Texas in the Passat. Like,share,comment....KTHANXBYE :mad: ;) :D
  3. D.C. for the Senna?

    Events & Gatherings
    Is anyone interested in meeting up and going to see Senna when it starts planing at E Street Cinema in D.C. on the August the 19th which is a Friday or the 20th which is a Saturday? I'm going regardless just thought i'd throw this out there and see if i can meet up with some of you guys if your...
  4. Trying to find a car related movie - "It's gotta be those tires!"

    Anything Auto
    A few years ago I saw a movie on TCM. It was about a race car driver who teams up with a guy who owns a small tire manufacturing company. The driver helps the guy develop and test his tires, driver falls in love with tire guy's daughter (I think it's his daughter? There's a love story in there...
  5. GA: Fast & Furious-Fast 5 Movie Launch Car show/meet & Party, 04/28

    USA - South
    Speed & Mischief, RSVPatl, Wild Bills....invites you to: 1 Night = Fast & Furious Fast Five Movie Release Party + Car show/meet + Movie cars + Giveaways (Thanks to Universal Studios) + Hot Crowd + Hot Music + Hot Party. Can you handle it? Oh forgot the good part, it's FREE (for 21+, $5 for...
  6. Passat Movie Sighting(s)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I wasn't really watching the movie, but caught a glimpse of the interior door handle of her car, and said that MUST be a Passat. ;) (Other Passat movie sightings welcomed)...
  7. Grease question, the lubricant not the movie

    B5 Garage
    Long story short, 3 weeks ago my front passenger window regulator clips went and down goes my tinted window into my door. It fell but it didn't shatter, THANK GOD! After searching, i then went to (cheapest i could find for supposed OEM quality) and bought Dorman brand regulator for...
  8. Ohhh and Audi R8 in a movie

    Anything Auto
    O ya and a cool looking movie
  9. Ultimate Late Night Photoshoot (56k go watch a movie)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
  10. GTG pics (56k, go watch a movie!)

    The Showroom
    Projekt German has members in NE, IA, MN, IL, WI and now AZ. :D We had a GTG in my city of was my first GTG and I had a blast. I'm looking forward to a lot more. The down side to a GTG: the mod bug bites harder when you see all the nice clean lowered German vehicles. :thumbup: I...
  11. RedLine, the movie

    Anything Auto
    Saw the trailer last night. Choked on my Capt. Morgan when I saw the Carrera GT do an end over end. Found this on MSN movies: Almost worth seeing just for the cars and boobs.:biglaugh:
  12. My Trip to George Barris Kustoms (A walk thru automotive movie history)

    Anything Auto
    Yesterday My boss and I visited George Barris Customs. George Barris is responsible for the design and creation of over 60% of the vehicle used in movies since the late 1940's. His attributes include classics like all of the Batmobiles, the Monkee Mobile, Knight Rider, The Dukes of Hazard...
  13. WATCH THIS EYE OPENING MOVIE FOR FREE!!! America: Freedom to Fascism

    The Black Hole
  14. Anyone going to see this movie?

    The Black Hole
    I'm considering. :) BTW we are at $337.1 B spent in Iraq 2813 soliders dead THOUSANDS innocent Iraqis DEAD (no one is counting these numbers). Someone please move this to blackhole!!! Best Car Insurance | Auto Protection Today | FREE Trade-In Quote
  15. Scary Movie 5?

    The Black Hole
    Saw this story and video. Seems that the producer of Scary Movie 4, Airplane, and Naked Gun (David Zucker) has created a "scary" political piece that is too hot for the Republicans to use. It is on YouTube now. Drudge had the YouTube link on his website. I agree that it is so far over the...
  16. FREE: Domino (The Movie)

    Classified Archive
    I rented Domino,its about a bounty hunter, from block buster approxomitly 2 months ago forgot to return it and now i own it. If anyone wants it all you have to do is pay shipping, or come pick it up. In in NY let me know
  17. Need help finding the name of a movie...

    Anything Auto
    Ok, i can't remeber the name, but i remeber the plot. So its about these moutain street racers that would find cars on the road that they liked. If they liked the car, they would stop the driver(forcefully) and make them race for there car. If they won, they would take there car from them, but...
  18. Favorite Car movie

    Anything Auto
    Give me your thoughts on your favorite car movie......i got just curious what all you guys think:cool:
  19. Auto Movie trivia!

    Anything Auto
    1. Porsche 928: name 2 movies. 2. 308 GT4: name 1 tv show and 1 movie. 3. Pontiac GTO: 2 movies. 4. VW golf name: 2 foreign films. 5. Escalade name: 2 2005 action movies. 6. Passat: name a 2004 movie with a sequel. 7. Volvo S80: 2 movies. 8. Mclaren F1: name 1 movie. 9. CTS: name 2 2003...
  20. 1983 us express (cannonball run) movie

    Anything Auto
    Just came across this. It may be old news but it looks to be an intersting movie. I've always been facinated with the cannonball. What I wouldn't give to do something like this!!!