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  1. So long b5 passat. You were mostly fun.

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    I hate deer.
  2. Misc Parts For Sale, mostly B5 / AEB.

    Parts For Sale
    For the time being, I have moved into the world of B5.5 Passat and AWM motor. I have some misc parts to pass on, because I hope that I will not be using them soon. My prices include shipping by FedEx ground to USA, if you have any other desires for shipping let me know first, you can pay the...
  3. Vibration upon release of clutch - mostly from stand still

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have read many posts in this and other forums, and cannot see the same type of problem described or solved..... 2003 (b5.5) wagon with 1.8T and 5-speed. From a complete stand still, when releasing clutch, there is a rough vibration - no metal or weird sounds, just vibration. This happened...
  4. Spring Cleaning, come and get it! (Mostly B5 randomness)

    Parts For Sale
    Got a bunch of random bits here that I've collected over the years while owning 2 B5's... Prices do not include shipping, please feel free to make reasonable offers. Local pickup is welcome, and I'll consider meeting you within a reasonable distance. Pics here...
  5. W8 Motor, mostly complete

    Parts For Sale
    This came out of my moms 02 automatic W8 with 54K miles. Cylinder 1 kept fowling plugs so i will sell as parts to avoid any confusion that its a perfectly running motor. I know its missing the thermostat, coil packs and throttle body. Motor is located in RI and looking for around $150 for it.
  6. vibration mostly off-throttle at highway speeds

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    for the last several weeks, I've noticed a problem that seems to be getting progressively worse... there is a vibration seemingly from the front end, and it only appears on the interstate at typical highway speeds (70-75 MPH). facts: 1. It does not happen below ~70 mph. 2. It doesn't appear...
  7. 95 sedan vs 95 wagon (differences between them? mostly doors)

    Volkswagen Passat Early B Platforms Discussion
    Hi! I have a guy who has a 95 sedan, vr6... my doors are kinda weak, so i thought i would ask for the whole doors (i only REALLY need the window motors). My car is a 95 GLS Wagon (Turbo Diesel) Will they fit? or are they a little different? They sure do look the same... is it worth the...
  8. Thinking out loud (bored mostly)

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Sometime this summer/fall I am going to be trading my car in for a b7 S4. I know I should probably wait to get new wheels til then, but I figured I might as well use tax money for something fun this year. I was thinking about the VMR V710s and figured I could use them on an S4 as well, unless...
  9. Mostly New Guy (includes pics, sorry dialup)

    New Member Introductions
    To the mod who approved me, thanks! I still never received the confirmation email both times I tried to sign up, and the first account I tried to register is banned. But I'm here now! :thumbup: I bought my '02 Variant back in May from an enthusiast who kept it meticulously maintained and...
  10. Stock 2din questions (mostly about radio codes)

    Mobile Electronics
    Does the serial of the radio have to match the VIN to get a radio code? My tuner was broken on my stock monsoon so I got another partly working monsoon real cheap and replaced it. Anyone messed around with this much? My old code changed so I need the code from the new radio but the guy I...
  11. Submitted (mostly) without comment

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    See what happens when you can't be yourself?
  12. Engine Noise, mostly

    B5 Garage
    Hi, I have a Passat 1.9tdi with the extra horses, dunno 115 or somthing. It was ok but now it is very LOUD, especially under acceleration. REALLY LOUD. Cant seam to find where its from bar the region of the front end of the engine. When it was bought there was a defenite whine from the turbo...
  13. Photo day! (tons of pics of a mostly stock b5.5) [friends don't let friends use 56k]

    The Showroom
    So i finally got around to cleaning up Katrianne... and by some luck i got a hold of a family member's Nikon D50 and went to town... some 285 pics later, i think it wasn't a smart decision on the owner's part... ANYWAY - i didn't wanna bombard even those without dialup so some are very much...
  14. GT25R mostly new looking for exchange

    Classified Archive
    I have a GT25R i would exchange for a K04-015 or sale for 500 usd. :)
  15. Kinda, sorta, usually, mostly enthused

    New Member Introductions
    A long winded story... First VW, smelly AC pre-owned 97 jetta, sold after two years, couldn’t make the odor go away. The thing could go, and I believe to this day that I avoided many a crash because of its handling. For more room, replaced with 02 Passat, also superb handling. But she...
  16. 17's vs 18's -- Much different performance or mostly looks?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    OK, I don't know a whole lot about wheels, except that I want to get my 15's off my B5.5 and go to something a bit larger. I like the look of the larger wheels, but I'm under the impression there something of a performance difference as well. Can someone fill me in on just how different 18's...
  17. rattling noise from undercarriage (mostly passenger side) over bumps

    B5 Garage
    hi all, i have a persistent rattling noise coming from the undercarriage on passenger side when im going over minor to major bumps in the road. it sounds like metal but i just cant find the source. i do have h&r sport lowering springs all around, could this noise be the result of a bad shock...
  18. VW Car Show Pics From San Antonio (mostly aircooled)

    Anything Auto
    This last weekend a local club had a car show and swap-meet. The show was mostly air-cooled but had a pretty good turn-out. It was a beautiful day to be outside, eat a hotdog and browse the dubs. Hope you enjoy. :)
  19. Nice drifting video (mostly BMWs)

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  20. Frozen wiper fluid in rental car (mostly venting)

    Anything Auto
    Over Xmas my wife and I flew from Boston to San Francisco to visit her parents, then rented a car to drive to Tahoe to do a little skiing. As we got near Truckee, the temperature dropped and the wiper fluid stopped working. I assumed it was empty but when I stopped at a gas station I saw the...