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    So I sold the Passat and got a 2008 Honda Accord (not goin to keep). For now on email me at [email protected] I don't come here much anymore. Asking 500 obo Please don't be scared to make an offer. They were Taken off a 2008 Passat with about 1000 miles on them. They now have about...
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    I have these wheels which I believe to be OEM VW Borbet 17x7.5 et47 Monte Carlos from a b6 passat. I have been searching and searching and keep seeing different size center caps listed. I measured them to be between 67 and 68 mm or a little over 2.5 inches but I don't want to buy vw center caps...
  3. Parts For Sale
    hey I have a used set of 17 inch Monte Carlo passat rims and tires for sale.. the rims are in good shap just a few marks .. Tires are brand new.. Looking to get $500 or make me an offer.. thanks Ryan
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    new or like new with tires or not ,or other b6 passat wheels in 17'' let me now what you have
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    I'm wondering if I can put B6 Monte Carlo 17"x7.5 et47 wheels on my B5? Without spacers. My car is lowered 1.7"front/1.5"rear. They have 235/45 tires but I do have a set of 225/45's just in case. I really hope they fit since the budget is tight and spacers/lugs are not cheap. Anyone have pics...
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    Selling 4 Monte Carlos, 17X7.5, et 47 (I believe). Rims are in excellent condition except for one minor blemish. Tires are 235/45 17 Hankook Ventus with plenty of tread left. Center caps and TPMS are included. Asking $750 obo. I prefer local pick up as I don't have any packaging to ship them...
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    I've got some 17" Monte Carlos (from an '09 Passat) on my '03 wagon--they have no curb rash, but a few minor scratches. Tires are Dunlop Signature Sport 225/45-17 94W with only 5k miles. Rims are 17x7.5, et 47. 4 wheels with tires, and a 5th wheel without a tire mounted (never got around to...
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    FS:VW OEM 17" Monte Carlo Wheels & Goodyear Tires plus TPMS & Center Caps sold
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    I would love to see pics, especially on an estate / wagon!! Looking at a few different alloys so pics would help me make a decision. Thanks guys :D
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    Up for sale is a set of Brand New Volkswagen Take-Offs-$700 plus shipping Wheels are OEM Monte Carlo Wheels No CenterCaps Included!!!!!!!!! TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System is Installed!!! 5x112 Bolt Pattern 17x7.5J Rim Size 47 offset Tires are Goodyear Eagle LS2 All Season Factory...
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    FS (4) 17" OEM monte carlo/wolfsburg wheels w/Continental tires & TPMS MKE, WI $725 I've been reading on this forum for years and now I actually have something to sell.... I have the wheels that came on my 2008 VW Passat Wagon (komfort model) with 235/45/17 all season Continental Tires on...
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    Hi everyone New to the forum, but definitely not to VW ;) I have a set of 4 Monte Carlo wheels (17"), bolt pattern 5 x 112, with Goodyear Eagle LS2 tires with approximately 1,000 kms on them (in other words : brand new). One of the wheels has a scratch near a lug hole (see pictures 1438 and...
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    I have my OEM VW Monte Carlos that are just sitting around. They were on the car for about 750 miles and have nada, zero, zilch imperfections. I give them a 9.5/10. Wrapped in all seasons with minimal tread wear. ET47. I wanted to powdercoat them black but lost desire. Seeing if there is...
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    THIS TITLE IS WRONG; I WANTED A4'S. SORRY, PLEASE SEE OTHER THREAD. (and this one can be closed.)
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    SOLD!! Here is what I have for sale: (4) 17x7 Volkswagen 'Monte Carlo' wheels Bolt Pattern: 5x112 Offset: 38mm Tires: (2) 225/45/17 - Kumho Ecsta 711 - 70-80% tread left (2) 225/45/17 - Fusion HRI - 75-85% (Click each for Customer Reviews) ----------------- The wheels...
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    Wheels and Tire combo------ $700 + Shipping ------------------------------------- Wheels 17x7 with 5x112 and 38mm offset. Tires (2) 225/45/17 Fuzion HRI --All-Season (2) 225/45/17 Kumho 711 --Summer All tires have about 80-90% life left. ------------------------------------- Ive decided...
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    Has anyone else seen the 1.5 hour coverage of Monte Carlo? I was watching it last night, and they're going through some new tiny villages this year at 100mph. Talk about narrow mountain roads.... Tony Gardemeister is killing it for Ford since he left Skoda last year. Anyway, it's *excellent*...
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    9pm east coast time speedvision, right now!