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    2013 vw leather steering wheel $170 shipped s4 b6 boot/knob $55 shipped Custom momo knob $15 shipped
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    Has anyone done this? I want to get rid of the race wheels-its a freakin' wagon! I miss my outback! 08 passat 2.0t 18"momo rims.
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    Slightly used but never abused, 4-piece (Gas-Brake-Clutch & Dead Pedal) easy non-permanent install that looks great. Serious eye-candy for your interior. New the 3pc. sells for $60 & the dead for $40 MOMO isn't cheap. I will let the whole package go for $50.00 (shipped within reason)
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    Hey guys, just starting the passat "build". My wife daily drives our 99' B5 30v, we have been thinking of wheels/tires combo and really like these wheels from discounttires. Not the sportiest thing but should do the job really well. I have browsed all threads and searched and haven't seen them...
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    Had a search through, but cant find the thing :thumbup:
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    19x8 et32 fronts with 215/35 Dunlops and 19x9.5 et38 225/35 Dunlops. One rear wheel has a blemish where I hit some broken concrete, but its not noticible from 10 feet away. Tires still have a lot of life left. I'd prefer to not ship but I will. Includes lugbolts and hubcentric rings. $850...
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    BOOT HAS BEEN SOLD!!!! KNOB STILL AVAILABLE!!!! ^Notice below the "Y" in ITALY Asking $35 shipped. NOTES: Knob has one defect - chrome plate on top is cracked. Not very noticeable when viewed from a distance, but obvious when touched. I'll get a detailed shot of the defect posted this...
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    Anyone have a new or used Momo Sphere S shift knob, that's black leather with the two chrome rings around the middle? Please PM me here or [email protected] thanks John
  9. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    hey guys I was wondering if anyone with a black Momo Automatico shift knob on a tiptronic could post some pics so I can see what it looks like. Im hoping it does not sit to high... Thanks
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    I realize Im new here, but you can find my as Euro skank on vortex and AZ. If that isnt enough. Call me 610-533-6886 :) -Real Deal Momo Super Indy Wood Steering Wheel 345mm (13.5 inch) made in Italy -Black and chrome quick dissconnect hub. First person to send $160 to [email protected]
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    For Sale: Momo Shift knob and Momo Shift Boot. $45 shipped. Shift knob threads onto shift boot. I used the snap ring(not included) from the old shift boot to install the shift boot. $45 shipped. Check, cash or money order. No Paypal. Respond via PM.
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    FOR SALE: Momo Aluminum Sport shift knob. It has been used but is in good shape with normal wear and tear, ie a few scratches. I will include a brand new installation kit with the screws, adapters, and allen wrench. Pictures available upon request. Looking for $45 shipped.
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    price drop to 750.00 18" MOMO TWINS WITH NEW KUMHOS $800.00
  14. Anything Auto
    I have decided to to perform this task myself cause no one here in montreal want to do it. So left with no alternative here goes. since some universal type wheels have two bolt pattern in them why can;t i put another bolt pattern in my existing set? will post some pics later. here is pics of...
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    FOR SALE MOMO ALUMINUM SPORT shift knob $45 or best offer This is a used Momo Aluminum Sport shift knob. The knob is in great condition. I am looking for $45 shipped, or best offer. I still have the original packaging including installation instructions, both sets of screws to secure the...
  16. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'd like to replace my shift knob which is gradually losing all the chrome to flaking off and like the look of the Momo Sphere's. But they seem to have two versions, one thats universal and another which has the following in the description: MOMO VW-AUDI specific shift knobs for the new 2004+...
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    finally recieved my momo shift knob. aaaaaand i don't particularly care for it. it's just too small for my hand to grab. so far it hasn't been put on a car. it's still in the original packaging, although one set of setscrews has disappeared into the crevices of my floorboards. it's...
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    $50 OBO + shipping leather on shifter is dirty, i tried to get that in the pic also some minor scratches on brushed aluminum, also in pic. This is for any auto B5.
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    leftover item from my B5.5: used MOMO leather shift knob in original box, complete with allen wrench, screws, etc. good condition, with slight wear on stitching original retail is $45, selling for $25 plus shipping, via paypal send me your e-mail via PM if you want a picture. thanks.
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    Well i bought these for my gti and never put them on. im lookin to get $ 45 local i dont wanna ship.