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  1. Modified Threads Not Visible?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Is anyone else having difficulty accessing their old threads? Mine are coming up as blank web pages when I attempt to follow the link...? :cry:
  2. Why were my headlight brakets modified?????

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Long story short. 04 Passat V6 GLX I removed both entire headlight assemblies to see if I could fix something that was broken but they need to be replaced. The lights are Hella's with the tiny bulb in the high beam area. Low beam is a projector, the high beam is a plain halogen bulb and it's...
  3. Modified A6 Strut Brace Users, Especially Auto-Xers

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Please feel free to weigh in with your personal experiences. It is a three your old thread, but I don't appreciate the accusation by the recent poster I was some kind of shyster peddling snake oil solutions. - FS: Passat B5/5.5 Front Strut Tower Cross Brace (from Audi C5 A6)
  4. Anybody know about FTG billet modified K04 turbos?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Was on a Audi b5 forum and they were talking about FTG modified billet KO4 s for 1.8ts. A guy claims they out perform frankenturbos and are nearly half the price. I did a search and found little information on the company and specs. Anybody work with these guys. Thanks for you input
  5. FS/FT/Feeler Sean's W8 Passat 6 speed sedan - modified

    Vehicles For Sale
    What I'm looking to get $7,499 OBO It's 1 of 44 2003 W8 6 speed sedans that are black with black interior in North America. It's also a Sports package. It came stock with firmer sports suspension, thicker sway bars, and true 2 piece BBS RS800 aka "Madras". Mods (I have pretty much all stock...
  6. 2004 Passat Wagon 1.8T 5spd manual - tastefully modified!

    Vehicles For Sale
    2004 B5.5 Passat Wagon 1.8T 5spd manual - Tuned. OBO | SF Bay On sale is a built-up and enthusiast owned VW Passat Wagon 1.8 Turbo with 5-speed manual transmission. This is an extremely rare car to begin with, even more so with the updates. Almost every modification to the car is performance...
  7. modified window regulator clips

    Parts For Sale
    Recently replaced one of my front window regulators, and have some parts left over. These are two of the heavy duty pink Audi clips modified to attach to the window glass clamps (included and already attached). I put these on my car 6 or 7 years ago and they are solid as new. These fit all B5...
  8. B5 New South Performance ColumnPod (Modified for 60mm)

    Parts For Sale
    B5 New South Performance ColumnPod (Modified for 60mm) SOLD SOLD Good condition New South Performance ColumnPod for any B5 (98-05) ** Has been modified to fit a larger gauge, 60mm (not 52mm any more) I ran a Turbo Smart E-boost2 controller. ** Two hole, one on each side of the guage opening...
  9. 2004.5 Passat Wagon GL 1.8T 5-speed - Tastefully Modified - PVW

    Vehicles For Sale
    car is SOLD! Wheels will be put in in their own thread
  10. What's the rules on buying already modified cars?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    In my hunt to find and purchase a Passat to replace my totaled one I've come across a wagon that is already modified. No engine mods, but the ad says "Lowered on H&R with Bilstein Sports, audi A8 Flat Five wheels with spacers, Conti Extreme DWS tires, tinted windows, tow hitch, HIDs, LEDs...
  11. FS: Look-A-Like Votex Foglights for B5 (US OEM Grille modified with OEM Chinese Fogs)

    Parts For Sale
    Up for sale are Votex look-a-like foglights for the B5. They are actually the US OEM grilles, modified with the fog bezels from the Chinese OEM foglights, and the foglights themselves are the OEM Chinese versions. I purchased these quite a while back from a seller on the VWVortex forum...
  12. Will projector style headlights fit my modified B5?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've converted my car to electric, and would love to upgrade the headlights to HID projectors. Are projector style headlights deeper? I'm afraid my power steering pump and batteries might be in the way, currently I have about 1.25" to spare. Anyone with projectors care to snap a pic looking...
  13. Yet Another Modified Passat spotted at Home Depot

    The Showroom
    I don't know why, but I run across modified Passats in the Home Depot parking lot more than any other place outside of a car show or GTG. Mercedes rims and de-badged tailgate.
  14. 04 Passat B5.5 Wagon 1.8T - Chicago Suburbs - Original Owner - Lightly Modified

    Vehicles For Sale
    SOLD! 2004 Volkswagen Passat GLS Wagon 1.8T 93,753 miles Reflex Silver / Gray Leather Interior Asking $8500 Original owner, adult owned/driven, well maintained, service/repairs all done at VW dealership, all receipts, always garaged since new and only synthetic oil & premium gasoline. Must...
  15. B5.5 Modified Exhaust

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello, So ive been searching here, VW vortex and google all around.... and i still cant find a guarenteed fit for the 2004 passat 4 motion SEDAN 1.8T. I hear it is the twin exhaust that splits from the "primary?" muffler ? any help / ideas? also what would I need to say verbatem to a custom...
  16. Anyone modified their heated seat to heat only the back?

    B5 Garage
    I have a '98 with cloth heated seats. The driver's side developed a hotspot on the thigh area of the bottom cushion, then stopped working. I've researched repairing it a lot, then I had the idea to fix the wiring to heat just the back. This would make me VERY happy cause my back always hurts...
  17. Feeler: Rare B5 Votex Foglights with Modified Grills

    Classified Archive
    I just wanted to get a feeler if anybody would be interested in these? I purchased these from a seller on the VWVortex forum some time ago. They've been just sitting around in my garage as I never got the chance to get them installed. The set comes with all of the hardware (grills, bezels...
  18. The Top 56 Modified Russian Vehicles ( I use that term loosely )

    Anything Auto :icon_eek:
  19. Nicely Modified 99 vw Passat 1.8t FS/FT

    Classified Archive
    Hey guys here is the link to the vortex thread all the info is on there the price is $7500 so let me know what you guys think. :thumbup::thumbup: I have more pics so just let me know and i will send you some It has a whole lot more goodies then what you see in the pics...
  20. Can B6 seats be modified to fit in a B5 ?

    B5 Garage
    Have you ever seen anyone who made this swop? and if so has anyone got an idear of the amount of work involved in the process? I guess anything is possible if you are totally dedicated, but I have just seen a nice deal on some B6 sportseats that would look really nice in my b5er :)