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  1. Hey y'all! Anyone else from Milwaukee?

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    :salute: Longtime lurker, finallly puzzled enough about my 2002 V6 GLX wagon that I decided it was time to try this out. I see a few other Passats around the neighborhood, even the oldies like mine! Curious to see if anyone driving them is hanging out around here. Cheers!
  2. Urgent cry for help - milwaukee, waukesha area

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Does anybody around here know where to take their Passat to a place that "really" knows how to do a front end alignment with coil-overs? I do have upper control arms that are adjustable, so that puts a little spin on the job that has to get done. Took my car to local a chain, they had the car...
  3. second post... parting out 2003 passat in milwaukee wi

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    pictures to come once i am allowed to post in the classified section
  4. FS: 16" Milwaukee Wheels & Tires B6

    Parts For Sale
    SOLD!!!! I have a set of 16" Milwaukee Wheels with tires and TPMS installed. These are practically brand new and are from a B6 Passat Wagon. 2 tires have 9/32's and the other 2 are 10/32's. One wheel has a little scratch approximately 1/2" long. I will try and touch this up. Factory TPMS are...
  5. Need a mechanic/dealer rec in Milwaukee

    Dealerships and Service
    I'm from VA, drove to Marinette, WI for work a month ago. Yesterday I drove to Milwaukee to catch a flight to VA. While driving the accelerator stuck. This is the second time in as many weeks. The first time, I put it tin N and the car revved up, then down. I need a car shop or dealership...
  6. new to this place heres my car

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    i dont have any mods yet just a splt-r valve and a boost gauge. i was also wondering what mods i should do first. i was thinking of getting my ecu flashed thena catback exhaust then an inner cooler. if i should do something different tell me becasue i really dont know what the hell is going on...
  7. buy a flashed ecu,milwaukee

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    i want to get my ecu flashed but i dont really want to send my ecu in the mail because i have to drive my car and i cant go a couple days with out driving it. i want to know if there is a web site where i can buy an already flashed ecu that they can just send me or if there is a place that...
  8. W8's in milwaukee

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've had my W8 wagon for only a few weeks now, but I started noticing a lot of them for sale in my area. I went to a local dealer last week, and they had 2 w8 wagons on the lot parked next to each other. Probably not very often you see 3 in one spot. i went there earlier tonight around dusk...
  9. Anyone in Milwaukee, WI area?

    Anything Auto
    EDIT: Need someone in Milwaukee, WI now. Anyone in Indianapolis, IN? If so, would you be willing to take a look at a car for me? If so, PM me and I'll get you the info. Thanks!
  10. VAG-COM in Milwaukee Area

    USA - Central
    I recently took two weeks off of work to take an SAP certification exam at UWM. Since I live in Shorewood, I walked and let my car sit. After the first week I finally drove it to pick up some oil so I could do an oil change. I must have pissed off the VW Gods by not driving it since I got a...
  11. free for milwaukee area pickup

    Classified Archive
    Sorry i'm not shipping. great condition rear tailights from 01.5 10 or 12 mm spacers car is gone/going (blown engine) 1st pm or 1st reply can have it
  12. European Performance Group Milwaukee

    USA - Central
    As some of you already may know I got my 2009 tuned with the APR stage 1 software. A guy by the name of Frank from European Performance Group in Milwaukee did the install. Just wanted to give a shout out to Frank. Anyone in the Milwaukee area need a tune, Frank is the guy to go to. Super...
  13. European Performance Group Milwaukee

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    As some of you already may know I got my 2009 tuned with the APR stage 1 software. A guy by the name of Frank from European Performance Group in Milwaukee did the install. Just wanted to give a shout out to Frank. Anyone in the Milwaukee area need a tune, Frank is the guy to go to. Super...
  14. FS: Milwaukee 2311-21 Digital Inspection Camera, 12V (GEN 2)

    Classified Archive
    Its not ebay BTW. Hey, Up for sale is brand new Milwaukee 2311-21 Digital Inspection Camera, 12V kit. Its in mint perfect condition and comes with all original parts. I have no use for it and ended up never using it because of a project that fell through. This is used to get to those hard to...
  15. Milwaukee

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    How many passats can we get to hwy saturday night?
  16. Vince from Milwaukee, WI

    USA - Central
    hey everyone just joined, just got my first vw 04 1.8t 58k Upcoming Mods tints drop suspension grill torque converter i dont know anything about cars, so any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated heres some pics
  17. Noob from Milwaukee, WI

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    04 1.8T auto 58,000mi bought a week ago for 9 grand Plans for now through the end of summer: Wheels (Done) Tints Grill Torque Converter Suspension Drop Im on a limited budget and Im a complete car noob so ill be asking for help and am very appreciative to the answers I receive...
  18. Any Milwaukee people wanna maybe take a peek at a car for me?

    USA - Central
    I am trying to confirm the dealer still has it. PM if you might be able to look for me. (and save me a 7 hour flight... :thumbup:
  19. milwaukee area !

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    hey whats up everybody ? my name is mo and im lookin for a good mechanic to work on my passat its 02 glx v6 4motion general maintenance ! i really do like the car and im trying to take good care of it ! i need new brakes !! any good mechanics in milwaukee area ! reasonable prices
  20. passatstreetdynamics - milwaukee wi

    USA - Central
    hey people from miltown we should all kick it one day before summer ends take some pics get to know some new people and to represent wisconsin in da passat world