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  1. CARiD has launched a 10% Military discount
    If you are looking to get a good deal on accessories or performance parts for your vehicle – it's the right time to check! We salute our troops with an exclusive discount for their service and dedication to defending our freedom! We welcome all Active Duty members, Reserves...
  2. New to forum, military discount?

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hello All, I am new to the forum. Absolutely love it and check it everyday. I've had my 2006 B6 Passat since '08, and I love it! I am currently in Afghanistan and now that I have a little bit of extra spending money, I am looking to upgrade the car a little... I was wondering if anyone knew if...
  3. US Military Video of Apache's killing civilians in Iraq

    The Black Hole
    Probably a repost but my understanding is video was released yesterday. A very disturbing video of the US Military gunning down civilians including 2 reuters reporters. Just a mind boggling video regardless of your stand on Iraq.
  4. Policy review of gays in US military

    The Black Hole
    A year long study... Interesting, gays have been serving openly in the Canadian military for some time and are currently serving in Afghanistan alongside their US comrades with...
  5. Lawmaker wants military trial for alleged bomber

    The Black Hole
    I agree 100%
  6. Commies to build our military vehicle after 2010?

    The Black Hole
    General Motors Corp. said Tuesday it has a deal to sell its Hummer brand to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co. in China, according to the New York Times. The announcement comes one day after GM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with plans to become a leaner company. The...
  7. Barney Frank and the Dems call for a 25% decrease in military spending!

    The Black Hole Not only would such a cut be incredibly irresponsible, it would be flat out dangerous. His "logic" is absolutely idiotic. Elmer Fudd...I mean Barney as friggin' dumb as box of rocks. This...
  8. Calculation of Military Scores - at last!

    Taken from a post on the Ikariam boards.
  9. Jeep J8 military vehicle

    Anything Auto
    Must be euro only? Looks like a 2door lwb limited, or an old scrambler.
  10. MIlitary Score Per Island

    Can anyone tell me how you can tell what the Military Score is per Island or even if it is possible. You have four Islands and your military score is say 3,426. Is there a way to break it down per Island? Ex. 2200 belongs to this island, 1200 to this one, so on and so forth.
  11. Military Score.

    Can someone hook me up please? I am curious as to what my military score is right now. I still have about 45 units under construction, but I want to know where I am at and if people would think twice about messing with me. Any help? I am at 28:43 (capital city). Can someone also tell me what...
  12. General's Score = Military Score?

    Is that correct? If so, what is a decent military score? I am slowly builiding my military and trying to get them pretty even across all my colonies. I've only had a couple of minor scuffles, but I want to be propared for the day. I've got some big boys on my islands.:wrench:
  13. Military score check ?

    Does a military score of 67,286 reflect the following ?? Unit / Quantity Slinger 25 Swordsman 48 Phalanx 18 Catapult 1 Ram 1 Cook 6 Archer 30 Ram-Ship 9 Flamethrower 11 Catapult Ship 4
  14. Quick question about deploying some military in a new colony

    Quick question about deploying some military in a new colony. I started a new colony, and would like to put a few troops there to protect it for a bit. I know its twice the upkeep until they return. How exactly do they return? a set time on their own? Do I have to call them back? Thanks for any...
  15. Military Pressence

    How much military are you guys building up in each town? i don't feel i have an overly strong military, especially compared with a few of you guys. i haven't flexed much either though. list em up. :salute: here's what i have, i seperated the cities with a | (pipe) for clarity. Standing...
  16. need a military assessment on:

    mil assessment needed on: Davitelj, owner Ubojica at 35:55
  17. military score needed

    ...already got my answer.
  18. Military Access

    What does that mean? :confused:
  19. Need some military assistance...

    Has been relentlessly harassing my friend's town. If anyone is in the area and can lend a hand (or just needs an excuse to flex their military might) I'd greatly appreciate it. [23:54] City: Miami Player: Tyrq Level 6 Maybe someone can get a military score on him. Thanks!
  20. I need a military ranking on a player...

    can someone give me a military ranking on a player, please? his name is supermoney, and he's a leach - he doesn't donate much to island resources. I see he has at least two towns (one on a wine island, and one on a marble), and he hasn't donated to the vinyard or the marble quarry.