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    One of the wheels got completely demolished in a hit and run, which is why I only have three. It's a very rare wheel. So, you would basically have to search for a wheel to come up for sale. It was a staggered setup. Two of the wheels are 19x8.5, one is 19x9.5. So, a 19x9.5 wheel is what you...
  2. Parts For Sale
    I have a set of Axis Milano's 19x8.5/9.5 for sale. The tires are shot and the wheels need a real good cleaning. I am asking $500 and the buyer pays shipping. They are available for pick as well. I will post some pictures soon. These wheels have to go!
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    FS: 2ea Axis Milano 19x8.5 et35 $250 Alright gang, I forgot I had these. These are the first set of fronts that I replaced when I notices a small (less than a dime) size section with the clear starting to lift on one wheel. These were on the car for maybe a couple of weeks before the car went...
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    Hi All, For the owners of the Axis Milano, Monet, and moven wheels, do you guys know if there is a VW center caps that would fit our wheels? I was wondering if someone has already replaced their caps with a VW cap and if you can post the part number of the cap. thanks, Paolo23
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    Ok here it goes,I hate to sell these but I have to. I just bought them 3 months ago. 19" axis milano's 19x8.5 frt offset 35mm/ 19x9.5 rr offset 38mm. I got a demo at work and now the wife is driving the wagon and she hates the wheels,because she has to more carefull when she drives. all 4 wheels...
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    Official: Trading axis milano looking to see what's available for trade, currently I have 19x8.5 (F) and 19x9.5(R) axis milano's with conti sport 2's 235/35/19 and 265/30/19's. I am looking for something that will clear my big brake kit (ECS tuning 12.3 with porsche caliper) I've had them for...
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    as the title says, just get a feel what's out there, looking to trade for a different set of wheels. Just got these in Nov. and have been on the car for about 2 month, here is a pic. of the wheels 235/35/19 (F) 265/30/19 (R) continental sport contact 2
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    As stated I'm planning on buying a staggerd set of Axis milano's (8.5 fronts and 9.5" rear) I'm planning on running a 235 in the front and wanted to strech a 245 rear...I own a b5.5 and am running koni coils. I have 225's in the front and 245's in the rear on my 18" carlson's right now but I...
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    Selling my famous Axis Milano's :P they have a 2.25" lip up front, and 3.5" in the rear... They sell for $380, and $420 respectfully... the fronts have a 35mm offset and the rears have a 40mm offset. dont know how it happened but i have a slight rash up front on one rim, its not even...
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    Selling my milano's.. would perfer a local so cal buyer... $1450 for the rims only... $1500 if you want them mounted balanced and installed. I also have tires and will sell for $2100 with the tires on there... driver side front wheel has a slight rash but if you'd like i can have all for...
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    What Up Party People, I have a set of Axis Rims for Sale. The size is 19x8.5 all 4. Offset is 40mm which is very good if you want to go low and not rub on the fender. Bolt pattern is 5x112 so this will fit 98 and up Audi A4, 98 and up Passats and some Mercedes please check the year. Here is the...
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    4 18 x 8.5 +35 Zenetti Milano 5x112, I was selling these before but i eneded up keeping them. This time I'll Let them go for really cheap. They r in decent shape, few scratches on the chrome and a small peice of chrome peeled off from the center about the size of a dime on 1 of the...
  13. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I can get a hold on slithly used 16 inches wheels like these BBS RC for 300$usd. is this a good price. They have the same cap in the center but says Milano Mesh, but look exactly the same. What do you think.
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    Im selling them cuz i dont know what else to do with them. They are 5x112, Chrome, Not in perfect condition, but yet still very drivable wheels. They looked nice on my car (my opinon) And if anyone would like them plz Let me know. Email : [email protected]