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  1. 2012 cc vr6 4motion sway bar links brand. Moog or Meyle Hd?

    Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
    Hi All Any recommendations on which one to choose? Everything stock and want to keep it that way. What makes the Meyle HD? Is it just a larger diameter? Any experience with either of the 2? Thanks..
  2. FS: (2) Meyle 8D0698601A B5/B5.5 4Motion/Quattro Rear Rotor

    Parts For Sale
    I am selling two brand new Meyle rear rotors for a B5/B5.5 Volkswagen Passat 1.8t/V6 4Motion or B5 Audi A4 Quattro. The part number, which is a bit hard to read on the box, is 8D0 698 601A. I mistakenly bought these even though I have a FWD. When I realized my error I tossed these on the shelf...
  3. FS: NIB, Meyle Rear Block Cooling Hose Flange B5 1.8T (AUG & AWM)

    Parts For Sale
    German made OEM, this is the 3-way coolant block flange at the rear of motor that feeds heater core, and is easily one of the most forgotten parts of the cooling system. $9 + ship.
  4. WTB Meyle inner tie rod

    WTB/WTT Section
    2001.5 Passat 1.8T FWD Got a new suspension kit from another member. Had uses one of the inner tie rods on his car. I have one complete assembly and a pair of HD tie rod ends. Just looking for a new inner Meyle HD tie rod here first.
  5. Meyle HD upper control arms for b5

    Parts For Sale
    Brand new Meyle Hd upper control arms. I bought the entire kit but dont need the uppers since im going to run adjustable. They are brand new sealed unopened and according to ecs will fit b5 passat and b5-b7 a4 ,s4 and many more. These are are more expensive than other control arms but you get...
  6. B5 (AUG) owner: your opinion on Meyle motor mounts?

    B5 Garage
    Was hoping to source an opinion from fellow B5/B5.5 owners that have installed Meyle motor mounts to replace OEM? Like most everyone with an older B5, the motor mounts are leaking and need replacement. I have a line to purchase a pair of left (Meyle: 1001990040; OEM: 8D0199379S) and right...
  7. MEYLE Hd Upper Control Arms <1k miles $150 SHIPPED

    Parts For Sale
    I dont own the wagon anymore and have no need for these. In great shape and unless you like replacing your uppers all the time these are the ones to buy. THESE ARE $289 brand new... nearly half off here. PM with any questions, Josh
  8. Meyle Rotors front

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    After 150K miles my front brake pads are finally giving up. Are Meyle rotors and pads good? I am getting them for $88 on eBay.
  9. Just want to vent, Meyle CV joints.

    B5 Garage
    Decided to rebuild my Wagons Passenger side CV joint. No biggie, have done this a few times before. Decided on the mid priced joint manufactured by Meyle, a German company (Ha) at about $100 with shipping from a well know supplier of VW parts. Part arrives, remove old axle and remove old joint...
  10. FS: B5 ('98-'01) Meyle Cabin Air Filter

    Parts For Sale
    SOLD I bought a cabin air filter a while ago off ECS tuning in conjunction with some other items for a repair. (So I could take advantage of the shipping I was paying) It has been lying around in its box for a while now. Decided it was time to replace one of the B5.5's cabin filters and it...
  11. Control Arm Kit MEYLE B5 / B5.5

    Parts For Sale
    I purchased this kit for my old B5.5, but the car was totaled before installing. I was told the kit won't fit my new car, so it's my loss. Everything is in the original packaging. I will sell the kit for $300 shipped in the US. Surface Finish: MEYLE HD Manufacturer Part Number: 8D0 498 998...
  12. Meyle HD tie rod ends (new)

    Parts For Sale
    The pair are brand new from an ECS control arm kit for my B5.5: I needed the TE assemblies so these ends became extras. The pair for 65$ + shipping. The ECS Fitment chart shows these fit the following vehicles: Make Model Submodel Engine Audi All Road All All Audi B5 A4 All All Audi...
  13. Centric or Meyle

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    going to be doing some brake work in the near future. going with some ECS SS lines, PBR Deluxe pads and I am trying to decide on some new rotors. looking for something inexpensive...not cheap, slots or cross-drilling, prevents rust from forming at the hat and unswept area of rotor...
  14. Meyle Suspension Kit - What is extra part and safety question?

    B5 Garage
    I plan to buy the Meyle HD suspension kit for my 1999 Passat V6. A number of places sell this kit including FCP Groton, ECT Tuning, and AutohausAZ. However, AutohausAZ is *the only one* that says I also need part # 8D0411357 control arm clamps (see below from their web site). I've called...
  15. FS:New Meyle 10 piece control arm kit $400

    Parts For Sale
    I purchased this kit from ECS Tuning for my 98 Passat. I sold the car before I put the control arms on. The set is new,has never been installed and comes with all mounting hardware. Asking $400 plus shipping from 80249. Email [email protected] with any questions.
  16. Meyle ATF

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Has anyone used Meyle fluid for their automatic transmission? I believe that is what comes with the kit from Blauparts. Its a little cheaper than then kit from ECS, but its...
  17. Meyle made in ......

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ordered viscous fan clutch and this is what i find.
  18. Quality of Meyle products?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well, I've heard good and bad things about them... particularly their Chinese-manufactured parts. What's the opinion on here? As far as I know, they're not an OEM supplier, and most of their stuff is made in China... I know a lot of people on here are running their tie rod ends and control...
  19. New Meyle CV joint - defective ?

    B5 Garage
    I discovered a torn boot on the driver side of my 2002; not much grease was left so I though the cj joint might have been damaged. I ordered a Meyle CV joint repair kit for both sides (part 240343 at ecs tuning) and put one yesterday. My problem is that there is a grinding noise now. Out of...
  20. b5.5 meyle control arms UK only

    Parts For Sale
    a set of heavy duty lower front control arms made by Meyle Germany, brand new, not even removed from the plastic. These retail from All German Parts at £57.34 EACH Also have a pair of Meyle heavy duty anti roll bar C links from the same kit. - these also retail from AGP for £17.63 each. all...