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    We’re hiring Social Media Marketing Associates. Are you ready to take your passion for European cars and turn it into a career? This position is located at our World Headquarters in Wadsworth, Ohio. Click HERE to apply!
  2. media player

    New Member Introductions
    hi I'm a new 14 reg passat estate executive owner I can't seem to get my memory car or usb working reads all the music and then says error any ideas?
  3. Solve media is a bad choice.

    New Member Introductions
    Using this as a human verification method is a pain and Huge time killer. Gotta say though I HATE I MEAN HATE the audible caption solver in the registration. What if I were hearing impaired???? Wow horrible. Whoever thought of this is crazy. Pilots made the pneumatic alphabet for a...
  4. Phatnoise Digital Media Player

    Parts For Sale
    For sale: Phatnoise Digital Media Player 20GB hard drive Docking Station Unit plugs right in to the CD changer controls in the trunk and worked great. Passat engine blew up and got rid of the car, so I can't use it anymore. Asking a $100 and buyer pays shipping. Send me a message or post if...
  5. Eurokracy 2012 - Official Media Coverage!

    Anything Auto
    OFFICIAL coverage is here!! Check it out! Click on the Pics for the FULL ALBUM!
  6. Media Interface Issue.

    Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
    Hi guys, Got the cable to connect my iPhone and it works brilliantly until I stop the car and turn off the engine. When i get back in start up etc the song keeps playing but there is not sound. I need to unplug the iPhone and replug it in and then it works fine. Cheers
  7. Windows Media Player.. Missing Codec issue..

    Off-Topic Forum
    I'm back in school online. Two days a week, I need to log into the Virtual Classroom via Blackboard. When the media player pops up, I get a "missing codec" message and would I like to search for and download it. I did it via Microsoft. Once done, I get a freezing up of my browser and a constant...
  8. Media Server Build

    Off-Topic Forum
    Time to build a media server. I've built many a high HP CAD/analysis machine, but nothing budget minded for this specific purpose. I'm looking at an ATX format, but don't know how low I can go for video, etc... Looking for HDMI out on the card, and will probably run Windows 7. The case I've...
  9. Annoying media campaign

    Off-Topic Forum
    Up here in the Great White North some local TV stations have died because of cost cutting and low revenues. Currently there's an issue about keeping local TV alive with this campaign: Basically, local TV stations don't get $$ from the cable companies so the local...
  10. Media

    Off-Topic Forum if this isn't the truth.... not to take away from MJ but damn there is a ton of reality to this
  11. Phat Noise Media Player Download?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey, Went to update my PhatBox and realized I never installed the player when I rebuilt my machine. However, does not seem to be up (hopefully it's temporary). Any ideas on how to get he PC software? Any one want to image the disk and place it on a server?:angel: Thanks, Chris
  12. Media Center

    Off-Topic Forum
    Vista 64 bit. I have an Ethernet on the back of my cable box (also DVR) and was wondering how can I get media to work with it....
  13. WD TV: Western Digital HD media player

    Off-Topic Forum
    OK, this thing looks pretty cool. Just hook up a USB hard drive or even a media key, hook it up to your TV (composite or HDMI) and you can play video, music or photos right off the device. Anybody seen one of these in real life? Great...
  14. Palin claims her First Amendment rights could be endangered by the media

    The Black Hole First Amendment for reference: I can't believe it. Palin ACTUALLY believes that her First Amendment rights are being endangered by the media? This is ludicrous. I think she missed the part of...
  15. Should News Media Endorse Candidates?

    The Black Hole
    The question mostly pertains to printed media but I suppose it could be meant for any formats as well. There are at least 2 sides to the issue. One says that they should stick to simply reporting facts and not throw their hat in the ring, regardless of the fact that the endorsement appears on...
  16. [email protected] liberal media

    The Black Hole
    HA-HA!!! :lol: A preview of whats to come from Faux News, "it's not fair!!!" :cry: p.s the chubby girl has a chubby for Ms. Maverick.
  17. Need some advice on media archiving

    Off-Topic Forum
    Ok, here's what I want to do. I have a rack system storing all my dvds, cd,s ect. The sight of this thing is driving me nuts. DVDs do not make for great interior design. I want to integrate the whole collection (250 dvd's 100 cd,s ) into one home theater device. I have a great home theater...
  18. Big Tech Tips: Upgrading Cpu and Windows media center.

    Off-Topic Forum
    I recently upgraded my cpu's on both my machines. I swapped in black box Athlon 6400 x2's, Simple enough right. When you change out the CPU on WMC machines, you may find that you can't play ripped movies, purchased music or recorded TV, or record live television. You may get a message that your...
  19. Redneck Wrestler vs Right Wing Media Warmonger

    The Black Hole
    This is why right wingers get OTHERS to fight their battles for them.
  20. The media bias is in favor of drama

    Off-Topic Forum
    The Media markets: The product they sell is drama. There's a good visual at the link.