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  1. New Meat

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the group. I own a 1998 Passat GLX that just rolled 240,000 miles. It is in real good shape except I'm experiencing some transmission problems with the venerable TipTronic 5spd. I am an ASE Certified Master Technician for more than 33 years, and have been in an Auto...
  2. Do you like words with real meat in 'em?

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    You need the Bacon Ipsum | A Meatier Lorem Ipsum Generator generator! Do you want this? Or this? :thumbup:
  3. Lots of meat on the brakes, but they squeak.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I picked up a GLX V6 Fomo Variant two weeks ago. And, the brakes squeak every time I use them. The pads look brand new. I'm pretty sure the rotors were not replaced at the same time the brakes were, since i have a bit of shake when stopping. The rotors look like they are glazed and causing...
  4. January 2010 Winter Meat Up

    The Showroom
    Mods - lock this one down. We're using the other thread for pics. No need to double up.
  5. Caught dad with his meat in GF!

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    I caught my dad with my GF! I've had my GF for 2 years now (practically lives with me) - small white, petite thang, cooks for me, always been good to me. I go away on holiday for a week, come back and something just doesn't seem right. I asked my Father if he had seen anything happen with my GF...
  6. Whats your favorite meat if you are not a vegan?

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    What's your favorite type of meat? (a ? for non vegetarians) I like beef for land animals, and for the sea... um probably salmon and tuna.
  7. Hallmark Meat Packing

    The Black Hole
    I'm going to buy a nice new forklift and shove it right up these people's asses. One at a time. Assholes. (WARNING THE VIDEO *IS* GRAPHIC!)
  8. Here's one for Josh - They're Made Out of Meat

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    I don't know why, but I found this funny. I'd better lay off the mescaline for a while. Safe for Work (well, there is one very quick f-word) Enjoy. :)
  9. You favorite meat.

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    Im not talking about some $100 steaks here...just what you eat the most and like the most. More then any other meat. HAM <<<<I love it Best Car Insurance | Auto Protection Today | FREE Trade-In Quote
  10. Dont Eat Meat Please...

    Off-Topic Forum too cruel eh?
  11. how to cook duck meat?

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    my co-worker is offering some duck breasts from his previous hunting trip. his suggestion was to make gumble. anyone here got anymore ideas? where's the chef?
  12. Man beats grandma with frozen meat and man cooks kitten on a

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    Man beats grandma with frozen meat and man cooks kitten on a grill I figured I would save space with two crazy stories