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  1. B5 of the Month - May 2003 - Adam Coughran (passatlover99)

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    Congratulations to ClubB5's own Adam Coughran! Full Feature Article Here
  2. Consumer Reports May 2003, Passat Write-up Attached

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    Ratings Family sedans If you want a great V6 sedan but don’t need a lot of extras, consider a Honda Accord LX or Toyota Camry LE. At about $23,000, they’re thousands less than the versions we tested. Many domestic sedans can also be had for that amount or less, but none matches the quality or...
  3. MSNBC Breaking News: Saddam may be dead?

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    Wow, I just read this on MSNBC's homepage: U.S. targets Saddam Officials hopeful bombs killed Iraqi leader Senior administration sources tell NBC News that the U.S. dropped heavy bombs in a residential area after receiving “extremely reliable” tip. Details to come. I wonder what exactly makes...
  4. Yes, please, may I have one....

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  5. May appear to be shameless plug

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    Hello all, I am in the process of getting a tax id number for my new business, car part sales. I will soon be able to purchase almost anything for a car, from audio/visual to performance parts. I will be able to offer prices that are VERY VERY low but I was wondering if I could get some advice...
  6. feeler: may post feeler for ebay auction of feeler

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    make your best offer
  7. New Optical Illusion (NOTE: 18+, may not be suitable for wor

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    New Optical Illusion (NOTE: 18+, may not be suitable for work) Whoa, this freaked me out!
  8. California...Santa Ana time...BEWARE what may follow!

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    QUOTE: LOS ANGELES (Jan. 7) - Santa Ana winds that roared through Southern California contributed to two deaths and fanned wildfires that were threatening hundreds of Malibu homes. The winds, which were expected to gust through Tuesday morning, also toppled trees, power poles and big rigs. A...
  9. This may hurt a little!

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    Prepare for ouch!
  10. Feeler- may post feeler

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    just tring to get an idea whether if there's any interest...
  11. FEELER - May sell Variant, so some aftermarket stuff to cons

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    FEELER - May sell Variant, so some aftermarket stuff to consider For a variety of reasons, I may be selling my Variant and will probably unload the handfull of aftermarket things I got for it over the last few months. I'm throwing this Feeler out because the first thing I need to look into is...
  12. This may be 'last week', but. . .

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    What's he looking at? <![CDATA[What's he looking at? [Modified by Codis, 8:50 AM 11/22/2002]
  13. FEELER: I May Be Selling My 17's (Mille Miglia Sfera's 17x7

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    FEELER: I May Be Selling My 17's (Mille Miglia Sfera's 17x7.5, set of 5) This is a complete feeler post, as I'm not sure if I want to get rid of them. They are Mille Miglia Sfera's (17x7.5) on wrapped with Dunlop SP9000 225-45-17's. The 4 main tires had been repaired\refinished by wheel...
  14. VW May Pay Dearly for Its Detour into Luxury

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    INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS By Christine Tierney Commentary: VW May Pay Dearly for Its Detour into Luxury As the carmaker rolls out pricey new models, it's neglecting the mid-market With a starting price of $150,000, it's not exactly a "people's car." The Bentley Continental GT coupe, the...
  15. May be getting a job instead...

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    As some of you know, I've just started (2nd week) my MCSA training for the certification; the day I started was also the day I went into a job interview with Compucom. Well, today, I get an email with the Compucom application form, and drug testing instructions... I guess this means they want...
  16. You may want to re-think Sirrus......

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    Came across this today....
  17. I may kill my dog

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    She ate the instructions for me to install my new BOV...and i essentially know what i am doing except for one part and i needed those instructions
  18. This may sound stupid....

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    Could Rhino Lining (for truck beds) be sprayed on lower valences (since it is "available in every color." It seems like it would flex better and wouldn't crack like paint would after a while. Applying clear coat to the outside of it would be a mystery to me, since I'm not sure if it would...
  19. Ford may be selling Volvo

    Anything Auto This could be a good pickup for VAG.