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  1. Matt's for sale thread

    Parts For Sale
    Here is a list of all the parts I have. Now I am at work as I type this so later tonight I will be adding pictures and more items. I'm very flexible. Every price is subject to change depending on actual shipping. Pictures are at the bottom of the thread to try and keep some type of order to...
  2. Yo Matt!!!! Bitch basket accessory!!!

    Anything Auto - Votex Roof Rack Do it!!!!!
  3. Hey folks! Matt here...

    New Member Introductions
    I'm all over the internet on various forums but just picked up a passat wagon to use as a dd. My e30 was proving to be a little less reliable than I needed it to be so now it can get worked on at my leisure. I've been through several cars but the current line up is the e30, 996tt, and B5.5...
  4. calling Matt (vwb5t)

    Anything Auto
    1.8t full swap 300whp( AEB , Big turbo , standalone )
  5. I found Matt's Baja Bug's Lime Green twin!

    Anything Auto
  6. Matt - Atlanta, GA

    USA - South
    computertreker - Atlanta, GA 2005 Passat :b55: 1.8T 4motion 5speed Black Interior Silver Blue Exterior I bought the car about a month ago and I've got some big plans. I've been trying to limit myself to a mod every week or so, and so far it has been very difficult. I'll be updating this as I...
  7. Someone has more lights than Matt

    Anything Auto
  8. respray (matt black)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    having just bought my 1998 passat saloon last week knowing it had filler in rear quarter panel (small dint repaired) the previous owner sprayed the whole panel with a rattle can but must have been blind because it was all over and a right mess,i decided to have the whole car resprayed so the...
  9. Passat of the Month for April, 2009: vwb5t! (Matt Jodoin)

    Passat of The Month
    POTM, for April, 2009! Congratulations, Matt! It all started the summer of 2006. I had a modded MK3 Jetta and the transmission gave up the ghost, leaving me without a car. I ended up driving my Dad’s 95 Wrangler while looking for another Jetta, but couldn’t find one I liked. The search...
  10. matt black audi.

    Anything Auto
    found this on the zine. mike scott?:lol:
  11. Matt Fitzgerald, Conyers GA

    USA - South
    1998 1.8t manual transmission, Windsor blue. g"] Mods: Neuspeed 1 bar VBL chip Audi TT DV steering pod mounted boost gauge Neuspeed sport springs Bilstein Sport shocks/struts Upper strut tie bar (A passatworld member built piece) Lower tie bar (Andy bar) updated my...
  12. Matt W - Tuscaloosa, AL

    USA - South
    '00 B5 1.8T GLS Colorado Red Tiptronic I am the third owner - bought it used in July 2007 with 63K miles. Current mileage 95K (June 2010) Latest Pics: (Early Aug 2007) (Early October 2007) yes...she was in dire need of a bath... Engine/Performance: 1) K&N Air Filter (9-27-07) 2)...
  13. Matt L. - Queens, NY

    USA - East
    Hey all, i'm brand new to the passatworld forums. I got my passat (technically parents' but they don't drive it) about a year ago and love it to death, for a 19 year old's first car its great. Its a 2001.5 GLX v6 4motion wagon. Here are some pics, stock everything because i'm college...
  14. Matt L - San Angelo, TX

    USA - South
    I just moved back to San Angelo, TX. Does anyone sell 92 or 93 octain out here?
  15. Matt L

    USA - South
    I just moved back to San Angelo, TX. Does anyone sell 92 or 93 octain out here?
  16. Matt N. - Minneapolis/Eagan, MN

    USA - Central
    Year: 2002 Make: Passat Model: GL Engine: 1.8T AWM Color: Silverstone Grey Engine: E85 Converted Ported and Thermal Coated Intake Manifold MN FMIC Remus Exhaust Diesel Geek Short Shifter Forge 007 DV Exterior: Black Textured Rub Strips W8 Bi-Xenon Headlights M3 Lip Spoiler Suspension...
  17. Matt- Palatka, Fl

    USA - South
    I have only had it about 5 months. All that i have done is added tint. i just bought a tagless grill of ebay that i should be getting in soon. many more mods i want, tho.
  18. Matt - Honolulu, HI

    USA - West
    Okay, so maybe I should have posted this earlier. I need to find a local place where I can pick up a STP or Bosch Oil filter since I've heard they are the same as Mobil1.
  19. Matt Melvin - Provo, UT

    USA - Central
    Hey everyone. I'm new to the group. I just wanted to make my first real post here with at least some kind of a pic of my baby. 2000 Satin Silver 1.8t 5-Speed Black leather interior Mods: (just getting started :) ) 18x8.5 BBS RA Wheels in 225/45R18 Nitto Neo Gen Tires Eibach Pro Kit springs...
  20. Matt Stine (mstine) - Pittsburgh, PA

    USA - East
    June '07 note: I no longer have this car and have traded it in for a Mazda mx-5. I enjoyed my Passat while it lasted, but with the constant random bits breaking down and needing to be replaced, it just wasn't meant to be forever. She lived a long, happy life. :D Matt Stine (mstine)...