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    plus a 500bhp 6.0-litre V12. That should mean a 0-60mph time of 4.5 seconds and a 200mph top speed. Only 300 examples of the £130,000 model will be produced
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    Martin - Lexington, KY 1999 :b5: V6 manual transmission Royal Green w/ Black leather interior PERFORMANCE/ENGINE COAM - breathe easy Dieselgeek short shift Sachs clutch Custom upper strut tie Neuspeed rear sway Eibach springs & shocks Michelin Pilot Exalto 205/60R-15 tires Now in Lexington...
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    Hmm, lets see, Harper is running a great campaign having moved his party closer to the centre to gain votes, sounding less like a western protest party and more like a government in waiting. Martin is definitely sucking. The Conservatives are even gaining popularity in Quebec. Conservative...
  4. Anything Auto - Rapide is built on the same VH platform used by DB9 and AMV8 - The concept car is actually a fully running and working car, which hints hat this car could be quickly put into production - It is powered by the same 6 litre V12 as in the...
  5. USA - West
    1999 :b5: V6 manual transmission Royal Green w/ Black leather interior EXTERIOR badgeless grill blue painted calipers debadged rear shorty antenna 28% tint all around clear corners & side markers Alientech window thingy Hella projector headlights Saris roof rack INTERIOR wood shift knob (OEM...
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    The DB AR1 (American Roadster 1) was first shown at the 2003 LA Auto Show. Only 99 of these were produced. Has quilted Alcantara seat inserts.
  9. Anything Auto
    Geez, I drove into the parking lot this morning and almost drove my car into the wall because I was so distracted by this Beauty. At first I thought it was a Vanquish, but another guy in the lot was telling me it's the new DB9 (V12, 460hp). I didn't see this listed on the Edmunds website...
  10. USA - Central
    Just bought a Black 2004.5 GLS TDI Wagon a few hours ago - now the modding begins... (replaced an 03 TDI Jetta Wagon which was deemed a total loss and now rests peacefully in the sands of the Nevada desert..)
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    Just about perfect: If it's been here before, I don't care. It's porn.
  12. Anything Auto
    Aston Martin unveiled the AM V8 "concept car" at the Detroit Motor Show - and now here's the real thing, snapped out testing round Germany's Nurburgring circuit. The AM V8, known as the 'baby Aston', is the Ford Premier Automotive Group's proposed 911 rival; set to cost from around £60,000 when...
  13. Anything Auto
    Code name: Jet2 (Shooting Brake Coupe) Production: min.25 pieces Price: min. 285000 Euros Tech data: secrets
  14. USA - Central
    Plans - Both chips Rims Lower Intake Exhaust
  15. USA - East
    2001 VW PASSAT 1.8 Turbo with Tiptronic welcome to my profile. i'm still new at this site and new at passats so there isn't much on here just yet. About Me... My name is derek. I am 23 years old. This passat is my 5th v-dub. I've had an '87 jetta, '88 golf, '95 jetta, and '89 golf...
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    This forum is begging for new topics.
  17. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Took my 99 in today to have the rear bumper replaced and also the front OEM rubber air dam. The manager showed me a 2000 where they had installed an Aston Martin dam for a guy on a seriously lowered B5. It is about 2" less deep than the stock VW and looked really good. The car owner supplied...