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  1. got the ko4 mapped (98 aeb)

    Dyno Forum
    with stock ic/exhaust/injectors/downpipe/etc using shell v power gas (very common here 99 ron) at 8C/47F dynoed at 262 hp at the fly was kicking out 312 lb/ft but pegged down to 281 at 4200rpm are my rods gonna last?
  2. how long can i run the k04 until i get mapped

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    as you know ive just fitted a k04 ive currently got a k03 chip and i will get it properly mapped but it would be late next week and i have to use the car very often in the mean time. i've been told that id be fine if i take it easy so i drive the car very very slowly changing gear at less than...