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  1. Here's my mandatory post!

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    To be honest my roommates cars engine blew up and im just here trying to help her part it out. local delivery :D dont be fooled the engine is junk but there might be some salvageable parts if this isnt allowed i really dont care its posted on cl...
  2. New to the forum, mandatory post #1 :)

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    Hi guys, it's good to be here!
  3. New to the forum - mandatory post

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    New to the forum although have used the info many times.
  4. Noob here. Mandatory post.

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    Hey all. This all started when I was trying to find out how rare my car is. I stumbled apon this site and a thread about official production numbers. I wanted to comment but I'm blocked for now. I have a 2000 Passat Wagon GLX V6 4motion Dark Blue with Gray leatherette. I wanted to reply to...
  5. My 2nd mandatory post

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    I just found a great advice on how to flush the heater core of my 2002 VW Passat, which have been blowing cold air in the winter. I will be tryoing this out this weekend and hopefully this will help and save me the $900 the mechanics quoted me to replace the heater core. Cross my fingers on...
  6. second mandatory post.

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    Getting full access to the sight! Having car trouble anyways and don't want to give up on my Passat yet!!
  7. Mandatory Message 2

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    Just bought a 2013 Passat, end of July. That's why I'm here. So far, so good! :)
  8. Mandatory Message 1

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    Hello. Just joined tonight(8/16), posting my mandatory threads. I'm not a spam-bot! Cheers! :beer:
  9. Did my mandatory posts, still can't post in forums...

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    I've posted 3 times in noob tube but I am still unable to reply or post in any forum areas but this one... mods help me out?
  10. mandatory 2nd post... Stay safe peeps on east coast..

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    hope all our east coast rubbers stay safe....
  11. "Mandatory" gages for 1.8T

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm doing my research on which chip to get for my 2005 1.8T wagon. Of course, that gets me to thinking about a boost gage. And that in turn gets me thinking about what other gages I should have. I do not like A-pillar gage pods. I do not like the gage pods that sit on top of the steering...