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  1. New Member Introductions
    Long time lurker here and I want to thank all the posters for the valuable information I have used/needed. I have been slowly getting a 2003 4motion back to top running condition. In the last year I have replaced a timing chain and both tensioner's, fixed the oil leaks, abs module rebuilt, rear...
  2. B5 Garage
    2001 2.8L passat.Wife smashed into a manhole cover today and ripped open her oil pan and smushed some internal stuff. I can replace the oil pan, but there are 2 lines she kinda smushed. what are these lines and i think i can bend them back but im not sure i can or even should.
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  4. New Member Introductions
    hi so i went for a mot and the car didnt pass got the work done but the 10 days retest period has passed so went somewhere else cheaper thinking the car will pass but the person i went to is very picky among other things that the person picked out is the brake lights staying on slightly but...
  5. Anything Auto
    New Audi R8 in Iron Man 3
  6. Anything Auto
    Iowa driver killed after plowing into police cruiser at 130 mph, but 5-year-old son miraculously survives Jeremiah Eldon Johnson, 33, was on the run from police and was wanted for evading police in Georgia during a traffic stop. He was also in a custody dispute with his son’s mother and was...
  7. B5 Garage
    Good afternoon, well is here at mo! Hey who else has found their local VW dealer tries to fleese them out of unnecessary costs for parts???? I guess I am not alone. I am going through the process of sourcing parts for my w8 - yep - cam adjusters. No problem, I can handle the jandle and we will...
  8. B5 Garage
    I have had a ball playing with my latest toy - the ElmScan 5 w/ the OBDWiz software - $28. (this is not a paid advertisment, I just think it's really cool, and so much cheaper than VCDS or a high-end scanner tool--of course you need a laptop, but most folks have that already). :thumbup: I...
  9. Anything Auto
    i bet this left one hell of a skid mark.... in his pants :icon_eek:
  10. Anything Auto
    Deploying airbag literally brands man as an Audi driver Obviously wasn't following the 9 and 3 or even the 10 and 2 position recommendations.
  11. Anything Auto
    Swedish man survived for two months in snowbound car thanks to 'igloo' effect Swedish man survived for two months in snowbound car thanks to 'igloo' effect - Telegraph A Swedish man survived for more than two months in a snowbound car in temperatures as low as -22F (-30C) thanks to an "igloo...
  12. New Member Introductions
    I may be 19 years old, but that doesnt mean anything when it comes to cars. ive been around cars since ive been a small child. my whole family have owned vws. like my sister has a 2004 jetta tdi, my dad now has a brand new mustang but owned a 84 jetta, and i now own a 2000 jetta 2.0, and my...
  13. Anything Auto
    While my A5 has been out of commission, I've been commuting to work in a 2001 Honda Accord that is my daughters car (but she's in Philly for 2 years). I have to say, going from the A5 to this makes me really appreciate my A5. 1) Power... um, none really. The gutless wonder of a 4cylinder with...
  14. New Member Introductions
    have to post 2 msgs in newbie and send a new member a msg to welcome but cant send them a msg till you post 5 times , hahaha am i being punked?
  15. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    For any of you out there that are as stupid as me and think you can get by without a triple square when it's called for. This is one of the screws the holds the rear lock module to the door. One bolt came out with a 6mm allen, but this one didn't. Needless to say, I had to dremel slots in...
  16. Anything Auto
    big props for this guy not letting his handicap stop him! Man born without arms changes brakes on car with his feet — Autoblog
  17. Vehicles For Sale
    Hey guys. Some of you might remember me. It's been a few years since I've been here. I go outa dubs for a while cus I went back to college, which was it's own moneypit. So now I'm back and I'm looking to get back into dubs. I really wish I hadn't sold my car, which is why I'm looking for one...
  18. Parts For Sale
    FS $350.00 picked up EHV engine code. I bought this transmission used but never installed it. The website stated it had about 60K. It is for a 2001 B5 (old body style).
  19. The Showroom
  20. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I did my engine mounts over the weekend, which took about 2.5 hours...of that, about 45 minutes was spent screwing around with a snub mount that has a split in the rubber (longitudinally). I removed the bracket that attaches to the radiator support, but it was about 1/2" shy of allowing enough...
1-20 of 106 Results