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  1. MAK Sonic center caps???

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    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find center caps/lug covers that would fit on my MAK Sonics. they don't have to be the originals, just something that fits correctly and looks good. I lost one driving the other day, so now my wheels don't match. I still have an extra one...
  2. FS: 4 MAK Energy Wheels In Good Condition(Bolts Included) ~~CHEAP SoCal $300***

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    Hey everyone, Trying to get rid of a set of MAK Energy Wheels. They are in really good condition and are all wrapped with Kumho Ecsta 215/55/16. Just want to get a little bit of cash for them. These could make a great set of spare wheels! Specs: 5x112 ET 45 16 in wheel Asking $300...
  3. fs 16x7.5 mak energy

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    Free 16x7.5 mak energy Anyone in the immediate Simi Valley/surrounding needing a 16x7.5 wheels MaK Energy 5 spoke- lotsa curb are center caps, but perhaps best as winter/auto-crossing wheel?I was going to have it repaire(refinished) but i have other plans for my $$. I...
  4. FS: 17" MAK Energy Wheels

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    For Sale: 17" MAK Energy Wheels I have a set of 17" MAK Energy Wheels for Passat/Audi also might work with MK5 models too. The wheels are 5x112 in a silver finish. I think 2 of the wheels have a terrible clear coat finish. I was planing on resurfacing all the wheels to a satin black finish...
  5. WTB: MAK Energy 17" x 7.5" Wheels

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    I bought 4 during a group buy way back in '00 or '01. I think one of them is bent, so I'm just looking for a spare wheel or two. -Tregate
  6. (6) 18x8" 35mm MAK Sonics $350

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  7. Feeler: 18" Mak Sonics (6 of 'em!)

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    I have 6 18" Mak Sonics, 5x112 bolt pattern, with some curb rash on 2-3 of them, one is completely brand new, and another is not new but has no rash. The latter 2 have no tires on them, the others have Bridgestone Potenza RE 750s with 40% tread left. 2 of the lug covers remain on the car, I...
  8. WTT: 17" MAK Planet II Wheels with brand new Tires for stock setup

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    Lease is up and I want to trade my 17" MAK Planet II rims and new tires (less than 70 miles) for a set of stock alloys and tires with no less than 80% tread left. VW has upset me for the last time so I do not want them to get ANY of my mods. One of the wheels has a small curb that would be an...
  9. 18 Inch Mak Force Wheels

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    These were on my Passat until I sold it recently and they have since been put into storage. I need to free up some space so if anybody is interested, you are more than welcome to buy them from me! I'm asking a cheap price because I just simply need to free up the space and get some cash in...
  10. You wanna see the "R" line MAK sonics?

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  11. WTB: 17" Mak Sonic rims

    Classified Archive
    I have seen these on some passats and it has been love at first sight I went to Mak's web site but they don't seem to carry these anymore. If anyone has some info to where to get these bute's LMK. Thanks G
  12. Does anyone know where to purchase Mak Sonic rims

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    looking for some 17" mak sonic rims for my 99 passat
  13. MAK Force 18' Wheels - $400 only!

    Classified Archive
    I have a set of 18" Wheels made by MAK force. They have been off my car for over a year now and are just taking up space. Please email for high resolution pictures. They are pretty nice and I bought them for over $1000. They do have nicks and I have pictures of them so you know what you are...
  14. David Mak - CREW217 - Please read

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    David, I have tried repeatedly (as have the mods from this site) to get in touch with you concerning the refund for the spacers I bought from you that Fedex lost with no response. I know that Fedex did indeed pay you back (for the purchase price of the spacers, not the $90 I paid -...
  15. Brand new 18" MAK Sonics

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    FS: Brand new 18" MAK Sonics I have two brand new in the box MAK Sonic wheels 18" and four center caps. Here is a pic of what they looked like on my car. Thanks Manny
  16. Mak Sonic - discontinued=no more center caps

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    I got some Maks on the classifieds here a few weeks ago, and I really love them, they look great and ride very well. The only problem is that they came with only 3 center caps, and my search for a 4th has come up with nothing. Somebody suggested Spy Engineering in San Diego, I called them, no...
  17. Feeler: 18" Mak Sonic Wheels with tires

    Classified Archive
    18" Mak Sonic Wheels with tires These are Mak Sonic 18x8 et 35 with Kuhmo Ecsta ASX 235/40-18 tires. as shown, the rears have 20mm spacers which are not included. they rub slightly in the front passenger. the rears have slight rub marks, but won't rub if you don't have spacers or have...
  18. Anyone know the offset for MAK 16x7.5 Energy wheels?

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    I have a 1999 VW wagon w/ 16x7.5 MAK wheels (Energy) and i'm kinda shopping around for new set of wheels. I like the way the current wheels i have, which are the MAKs - which i beleive has an offset that makes it even w/ the fender. (flush? sp) I want to keep it at 16"x7.5 or maybe 16x7...
  19. MAK - Indianapolis, Franklin Township, IN

    USA - Central
    Hello everybody! I've been reading Club B5 off and on for over a year now. Finally decided to post something...guess I'll start with me. I need some advice and call upon fellow members for help. (Please see red text below.) I live in Indianapolis, IN. More precisely, in Franklin...
  20. FS: 18x8 MAK Sonic w/ Pirelli P7000 SS

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    I'm sure you've seen a picture of the car but here it is anyway. One of the wheels has some rock chips. I have all 4 center caps for the wheels, one of the caps is broken because the little nubs on the back that hold it onto the wheel broke. I'm running without the center caps now. Still...