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    For instant news, the web is obviously where it's at, but there are many of us that are still bound to the physical connection of reading. That in mind, we went on the hunt for interesting magazine options for the automotive, motorcycle, and RV enthusiast, all of which make an interesting (and...
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    alrighty so could anyone point me to a link with instuctions on replacing the auto coverstrip with magenits caaausee i cant find one :(
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    Hi Guys, I've been a car guy for years and I've always subscribed to Motor Trend and off/on to Car and Driver or Automobile. I've decide Motor Trend is worthless and I'm looking to subscribe to new mags. I think I'll get EuroTuner and maybe CarCraft for DIY stuff (I'm in to stuff outside VW...
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    Saw you at the Legends of Motorsports event at Mont-Tremblant today with your two kids. Cool clean car.
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    Doesnt anyone make Iron Cross mags, ? It seems only natural.... Sorta like the Detroit wheels like on the latest Golf GTI only with 4 holes insteada 5.:driving: :whistle:
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    hey mods, could you delete this post as its a duplicate. Newbie screws up, apologies....
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  8. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello all, I am very upset as my 2002 passat GLX mags seem to have water marks ( white streaks and spots) on them and it does not come off after washing the car. Can I buy anything to clean them or are they tarnished for good :( Thanks in advance, Johnny
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    in the north west and I mean LOTS OF THEM ! Free to collector or can meet cheshire/merseyside/north wales area, maybe manchester. seem a shame to just bin. I work in warrington Angelo
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    I'm selling the car and finally getting my a4 2002. I have a ecu with a neuspeed 1.0 bar chip no swap needed 250.00 serial #4b0 906 018 bh this comes off of a 2000 gls tiptroniq. Also i have 4 road america 16" mags with tires for 350.00 i would prefer locals only for mags. email me for...
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  12. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey guys How is the best way to keep your mags clean? Silicon spray? or am I just too hard on the brakes :D