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  1. Misfire madness

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hey guys I could really use a holiday miracle right now lol. 2009 passat 2.0 tsi was driving down the highway the other night and before any warning lights or messages the car was running a little rougher then usual. I was exiting the highway when the whole car started to vibrate and the EPC...
  2. Mission Impossible II: Door card madness (+PICS +VIDEOS)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    This thread may be something like a follow-up to my MFSW Retrofit novel which may or may not have a nice ending. Whatever. A couple of weeks ago, while fighting with the i-System module, I could not avoid staring at my door cards which look TERRIBLE. These doors were kinda rebuilt back on 2007...
  3. Passat rear window madness - thanks

    New Member Introductions
    running the gauntlet of noobism with a second post I was looking for info on fixing the rear window on a 2000 Passat and wanted to say thanks for all the info on fixing it. Now off to buy some clips.
  4. Motorcycle madness!!!

    Anything Auto
    This is just nuts! This Has To Be Among The Funniest Things That Could Happen After Two Motorcycle Racers Crash
  5. Motorized Madness! Ariel Atom V8 Model! (0-60 in 2.5 Seconds!)

    Anything Auto
    Ariel is gunning for Bugatti's Veyron hypercar with its long-awaited 500bhp V8-engined version of its minimalist Atom 3. The new machine, unveiled this week after a two-year-long development process, has a power-to-weight ratio of 909bhp per tonne - more than 50 per cent better than that of...
  6. 1 House + 1 Garage + 4 Cars = Madness

    Anything Auto
    Check out this Guys collection and his showroom / house. :P
  7. Mister T's midnight manifold madness

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So I finally got my replacement 034 exhaust manifold and finally finished at 2:00 this morning. Was it worth it? Hell yes!!! I can't believe the difference it made. When I started the car and let it warm up I thought my EGT gauge was busted because the needle wouldn't move. Turns out the EGT's...
  8. Tuned Madness! Mansory Couture G55

    Anything Auto
    If there's one thing we can say about Mansory, it's that they sure aren't afraid to try new things. A pink Bentley? Sure. A blue and gold Rolls-Royce Ghost? Why not? Then there's this highly modified G55 AMG built in cooperation with fashion designer Philipp Plein named the G-Couture. With a...
  9. Tuned Madness! 2010 RUF RGT-8

    Anything Auto Over the last decade, Ruf has created two versions of the Porsche 911 bearing the RGT moniker. The first was a 385-hp, 3.6-liter 996 and the second was a 445-hp 997. Now, the supercar manufacturer (don't call 'em a tuner)...
  10. Tuned Madness! HPA VW Scirocco US Availability!

    Anything Auto Production Has Begun on The 2010 FT565 Scirocco's HPA Scirocco serial number 0001 has officially kicked off production. 2010 will see the experienced team at HPA return to its roots established in the late 90's where countless 4-Motion twin turbo V6 beetles were...
  11. Tuned Madness! 1987 Toyota Cressida

    Anything Auto
    The line between people sharing their sexual preferences and people selling their cars on Craigslist has been crossed in this ad for a heavily modified 1987 Toyota Cressida with a giant "I AM GAY" sticker, dildo shifter and paintball gun. The 87 Cressida shares a number of parts with the same...
  12. Tuned Madness! Hennessy Ford F-150 Raptor!

    Anything Auto
    Hennessey has worked its magic on the new Ford F150 Raptor and as you'd expect, the primary addition to FoMoCo's Dakar-ready pickup is... power. Meet the Hennessey VelociRaptor. With the knowledge that Ford's engineers know infinitely more about suspension tuning, Hennessey has focused the...
  13. Tuned Madness! Hennessey Cadillac CTS-V

    Anything Auto When we were fortunate enough to have a Cadillac CTS-V for a week to review, we said it was "one of the finest cars on the road today and one of the best vehicles ever built by General Motors." Of course...
  14. Tuned Madness! DTM Audi A4

    Anything Auto
    ______________ Pure Sex! Anyone up for a group buy on the "Start Fuck Up" button? :lol:
  15. Tuned Madness! Ducati Desmocedici

    Anything Auto
    While the big switch back to a full liter of displacement for MotoGP racing motorcycles won't go into effect until the 2012 racing season, there are still major performance gains to be had with the current 800cc powerplants. Evidence of such can be seen in the new Ducati Desmosedici GP10 racer...
  16. Tuned Madness: Audi R8 LMS

    Anything Auto
  17. Tuned Madness: 9ff GT9

    Anything Auto
    Bonkers is a relative term, when you think about it. Case in point: the 9ff GT9. With 973 horsepower and a 409 km/h top speed – that's 254 mph, friends – this was already one bonkers supercar. And then 9ff comes along with the GT9-R, an even faster version with – wait for it – 1120 horsepower...
  18. Tuned Madness: MFK Autosport Audi RS6

    Anything Auto
    4.2-liter V8's software has been tweaked to coax out 520 horsepower – another 80 hp over the stock,
  19. Tuned Madness: 2010 Abt Volkswagen Polo

    Anything Auto
    ABT Sportsline of course also offers performance improvements for the Polo. They can give an extra kick to all turbo engines: The 1.6 TDI is available in different output levels – starting at the series standard engine. For example with ABT POWER, 75 HP (55 kW) is converted into 90 HP (66 kW)...
  20. Tuned Madness: Avus Performance TT

    Anything Auto
    By the time Avus finishes tinkering with it, however, their uprated TT-RS produces 460 hp and 472 lb/ft. Credit for the 30% horsepower boost comes via turbo and ECU tweaks, along with a new free-flow exhaust system with racing cats. So-equipped, the coupe's 0-60 time tumbles to just 3.8 seconds...