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  1. Hi passat lovers

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    I have one question. Where can i find a original name for this roof part that is missing on my baby :)
  2. hello Volkswagen lovers

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    My name it's Mitch. I have a passat, and 2 mk lll jetta's. I love Volkswagens, they are built better then most American cars
  3. Hello friends,passat lovers,techs and admin

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    Hello to everyone here.... I am new comer i hope it will be great experiance to meet everyone, help and advise I worked most of the time with import jobs till i got lung Cancer. now i am not working,had surgery have one lung I just bought a 2006 passat 20T I called Audi wannabe:):) with auto...
  4. Vw utah lovers! Look at this

    Events & Gatherings
    Hey VW/car enthusiasts !! I just moved to Utah from Sunny Diego, Cali. I'm trying to start a car meet either in orem, american fork, or where ever you guys decide is best. I was thinking thursday nights in one of the big parking lots in Orem. Let me know if you guys are down :) all car makes...
  5. Greetings, fellow dub lovers!

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    Someone's gotta be the new guy (or gal), and for the next few minutes/hours that would be me. I hereby post my obligatory self-introduction. But since I have a temporary soap box to stand on, my personal 5 cents' worth: This site is a super resource. Hats off to the folks who set it up and...
  6. hi you all passat lovers

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    my first passat nice car so far the old bag light is on
  7. Hello VW Lovers

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    Hi out there longtime firstime... to register:soccer:
  8. w8 Lovers Let's hear from you

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So i see that quite a few people have had issues with there W8. So who love's there w8? I sure like mine!
  9. Hello VW lovers

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    hi everyone. i just got a 2001 1.8t passat 5spd. im pickin it up in a couple hours and im so excited i cant think of anything else right now :) i do have a question for all you knowledgeable people here. what is the difference between a b5 18t (150hp) and a b5.5 18t (170hp)? is it just the...
  10. For all Alfa lovers

    Anything Auto
    This morning I had a pleasant view out of my apartment window. Enjoy :wrench:
  11. Good news to B6 "Bling Bling" lovers

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    B6 chrome parts at factory price. GB is active here:
  12. Wagon lovers rejoice, 2008 BMW 535xi (turbo) coming

    Anything Auto
    This may be old news for some but the facelift on the 5-series is coming this summer. The good news, if your a wagon lover in need of some forced induction at a price lower than the now defunct E55 AMG wagon, is the turbocharged 6-cylinder is coming to the 5-series wagon. The current 530xi...
  13. For you Ebay lovers

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    Im going to let the rice, I mean photos do the talking.
  14. Read and enjoy!!Passat lovers of the world

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ok, so tell me why did you buy a Passat? Was it for the badge maybe the styling, or the reliability, or the fact that VW are known for there quality, all good reasons? Well let me tell you a little story about my baby, bought her three years ago, Full service history, one owner from new with a...
  15. where's the domestic lovers? Onyx Dragon?

    Anything Auto
    Where can I find good LS1 FAQs and stuff? I've checked LS1tech and, but any good ones in tuning, etc? It might be time to sell my turbo parts... :nervous: :angel:
  16. In the works:AUDI mag scans, VARIANT lOVERS UNITE!

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    Let me be the first to say "p-shopped" concepts :-P does not mean they are fake!
  17. This One Is For All You Wagon Lovers

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