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  1. Anyone in Los Angeles CA. area???

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    Anyone around that wsnts to help figuring out why my car no start??
  2. 2001 B5 Passat 1.8t AUG manual - APR, Techtonics, Koni FSD/Eibach - Los Angeles

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    Excellent condition, professionally maintained, 18x8 inch wheels, handles great, lifetime warranty smooth koni FSD shocks, lifetime alignment certificate, APR upgrades - every switch, dial, and knob works perfectly. Great gas mileage, long lasting brakes, newer tires 225/45-18 all season kumho...
  3. fs: 1996 VW Passat GLX Wagon vr6 manual trans $1500 los angeles county

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    I've bought a newer car and this one needs a new home. Ive had her 13 years '[2nd owner] and she is still running strong. AAA code vr6, with 02A 5speed manual transmission. 160000miles, Both still good and strong. Car hauls ass. Black leather, bbs wheels with good tires, spare, ac works but...
  4. Hello From Los Angeles, California!

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    Hello Gang! I decided I should make an account and ask a few questions. I have been on the forum a few times in the past but I'm getting ready to do lots of work on the wife's car this week so I thought I better be ready. She has a 2002, Volkswagen Passat, GLS 1.8T, 2WD, with Auto Trans...
  5. Need ABS Control Module Repaired 2000 passat Los Angeles area.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have the common abs control module issue where it claims to be failing even tho I still have abs. The light sometimes don't even turn on but for the most part the abs and the stop lights are on. I was just wondering if anyone around the los angeles area can repair these. I know of a website...
  6. Need ABS Control Module Repaired 2000 passat Los Angeles area.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi I have the oh so common abs sensor issue where my abs works but the lights go on anyway. Is there anyone that owns a shop in the Los Angeles area that can take em out repair em and put em back in. I have a 2000 passat and I don't want to do the whole dealer 700 dollar route because i know...
  7. New Los Angeles CC Member

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    I've been lurking here for a while. Finally decided to register. Hope I can help. Viel Spaß!
  8. n00b from Los Angeles

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    Been using these forums for advice on how to work on my 2001 1.8T .. awesome resource! You guys rule! Joining to find out where the best place to find a new volume knob for the factory stereo would be! The model with the CD in the trunk! Awesome! Thanks!
  9. VAG-COM Los Angeles area??? help

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I have just ordered an HID conversation off TMTuning. I am aware i need to get ride of the DRL setting and am hoping that i wont have to buy my own VAG-COM. If there is anyone in the general area of sherman oaks, beverly hills, westwood, or anywhere in LA who could help me out with their VAG-COM...
  10. BLACK 2011 Passat needed for commercial, Los Angeles!!

    USA - West
    Hello, I secure vehicles for the use in commercials, photo shoots, and other productions. I am currently looking for a Black on Black 2011 Passat for a commercial. Needs to have black exterior with a black interior (just to be clear). This shoots in Los Angeles around the 26th of February...
  11. 1999 vw passat engine and transmission - $150 LOS ANGELES, CA

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    1999 vw passat 1.8T engine and transmission. engine is shot due to broken timing belt. pistons are damaged, as well as the head. but if you come and get them off the car I can give you the long block + manual 5+1 trans for $150 - today or tomorrow only. possibly Tuesday as well. no engine...
  12. Need Vag-com in Los Angeles

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Is there someone that can help me do a scan on my car? A 6 pack of beer awaits the one that can help me out. I'm located in West Los Angeles
  13. Talking Phase: Los Angeles/SFV/Ventura GTG

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    I'm working for a chain called Goldenspoon, Can I get a head-count of interested members willing to drive to Calabasas for a yogurt driven get-together? Nothing too big or fancy, just a gathering of locals to support a small business.
  14. Timing belt in Los Angeles?

    Dealerships and Service
    Hey guys, Anyone know of a good place in So Cal - preferably the South Bay or Northeast LA - that can do a timing belt service on my 80k mi 2002 1.8T? Reasonable prices would be a plus. Thanks, Michael
  15. assist in Los Angeles NEEDED!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    This new member in this thread needs a Los Angeles area based to further diagnose his Climatronic error codes which I'm not capable of assisting:
  16. Noob from Los Angeles

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    Hey all. I've been lurking this site for a few years now, but have recently decided to sign up because I want to start getting more involved in DIY repairs. What a great site to start, there is so much knowledge and documentation here. A quick question. I have the malfunctioning driver's...
  17. Joe - Los Altos, CA

    USA - West
    Ever since ive gotten my b5 ive been constantly on the watch on this site looking for new things to do and resources on how to fix things. but i think its time for a timing belt and i was wondering if anyone would be up to help me if youre in my area. ill buy lunch! ;)
  18. Danny- Los Angeles, CA

    USA - West
    Hey whats up my name is Danny, and i just got my passat about a year ago and I'm looking forward to fixing it up, I haven't done much to it, but i will do it little by little. Looking forward to maybe meeting up with some passat owners from the Los Angeles area!
  19. Looking for Los Angeles area V-dubs for a...

    Anything Auto
    Small photoshoot maybe? If your in Los angeles area and are up for meeting in LA on a pre-determined date post it here. We can work our details out.
  20. Hey from Los Angeles

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    Hey there, The name is adam. I like what you guys do around here. Ive had my 2004 Passat v6 for about four years now and I love it just the same as the first day. Here she is: :thumbup: