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  1. signal sourcing for sub

    Mobile Electronics
    I've been reading around on the forums that I can tap and use a LOC on the two "sub" wires back by the monsoon amp in the trunk instead of from behind my double din. Is this true? and what happens to those speakers that were acting as the subs? by tapping into, does that really just mean...
  2. how to install a line output converter L.O.C.

    B5 Garage
    i have a 99 1.8t with an oem tapdeck headunit what wires do i need to tape into for the (loc) looking for the to rear speaker wires left and right color of them would greatly help also best place to run the remote wire? for am; fuse box or is there a wire on headunit? thanks anyone for help...
  3. LOC to amp?

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a line out converter i want to use to hook up some subs to my stock monsoon stereo in my 2002 passat. Can i hook that right up at the amp in the trunk? can anyone describe which wires are which that i can splice into if that will work? or will i need to get to the speakers in the door...
  4. Just in accident, now there's no "beep" when I loc

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just in accident, now there's no "beep" when I lock! I was recently in an accident where I ran into the back of someone else. Ever since the accident, and even after the repairs were completed, whenever I lock the car with the remote, it will lock the doors and flash the lights, but the...
  5. Aftermarket Head Unit + Monsoon = Hiss (LOC?)

    Mobile Electronics
    I have installed an aftermarket head unit (JVC KD-LH3100) into my 2001.5 Passat w/ monsoon. I am getting a very soft hiss audible only when it is extremely quiet in the car and the audio playing is at a low volume (for example, you would not hear it at normal listening levels or notice it while...
  6. Anyone need an OEM replacement head or LOC?

    Mobile Electronics
    I am upgrading my head and want to sell my single DIN unit plus single DIN cd player. I also have a david navone filter/adapter for factory radios. It worked wonders for my brothers system. This is the link to the product: or...
  7. Installing amp what wires should I connect my LOC too?

    Mobile Electronics
    I am replacing the stock speakers, adding a 5ch amp and keeping the Monsoon headunit. I will be using LOC, however I need to know what wires to hook the LOCs to. The harness that plugs into the stock amp has multiple wires and I can't quite figure out what wires to use. 2003 GLS 1.8T