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  1. noob from UK living in Vegas

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, moved to Vegas a few months ago with work from the UK, living here for three or four years. Bought a Jetta S for my work car and a CC for the family car. Liking them so far, charged the wheels and added led interior lights to both. Doubt I will do anything else. :)
  2. Who's living in this desert?

    USA - West
    Just curious who we have out here in this hell of a desert of Arizona. Which part of the state are you in? Vagcom? Meets? Whats going on? Me, I'm over on the East side in Mesa. Drive a pretty much unmoded 2003 Passat v6 for now.
  3. Oil Pressure - Living on borrowed time

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    2002 1.8t Passat AWB - 152k miles - I'm the third owner. I've been diligent about changing oil and using synthetic. OK - long story short - this past weekend I got the dreaded STOP LOW OIL PRESSURE alarm after some highway driving (only after I slowed down). Checked the oil - level was fine...
  4. Brit. living in France

    New Member Introductions
    Just bought privately in UK a 2007 2.0 Tdi DSG saloon with 61000miles. I live in France, so I'll be driving her on the 'wrong side' compared to UK. Bought in UK because France is so expensive for secondhand cars. No problems on the drive from (Wales) to here - over 1000miles - but there are a...
  5. Where are you living?

    New Member Introductions
    Since I live in Kuwait was wondering if anyone also is near ?
  6. new to Passat world living Florida

    New Member Introductions
    Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, looking forward of getting the answers i need to solve problems with my dear VW Passat 2002 GLX 4motion. :whistle: thanks for all the help in advance.
  7. Living the LowLife... (New Wheels Content)

    The Showroom
    Greetings PW! Got a new set of wheels. I figured a photo shoot was the right thing to do! Wheel Specs: Rotiform NUES 18X8.5(F)/18X9.5(R) Et 35 Big Ups to my good friend JP in NewYork, for the awesome deal and getting them to me fast! :beer: Thanks for looking...
  8. Relocating to D.C. for work - need living advice

    USA - East
    Hi everyone! This is not really Passat related but I figured I'd start my search here. Near the end of the summer I might be moving to the DC area for work. The company I work for needs me to relocate and Id be working in downtown DC near the Dupont Circle. I want to start my search and try to...
  9. Electrical gremlins living in my dash?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    This seems weird to me but maybe someone has seen this before? I arrived home from a visit to my dealer to get a few things done. I had a CEL ('01 1.8T), which threw up a couple of misfires codes that the mechanic thought were due to the coils and they were going to replace them under recall...
  10. Finally Living Alone.

    After a year living with a pretentious, delusional, and compulsive liar - I am finally renting my own place. It may be small, but at least it ain't an apartment or with a roommate. I can finally do things without some jackass saying its his way or the highway. I live in this small two story...
  11. Living The Good Life

    The Showroom
    Before After Sorry for the crude photo's, just excited Im done with this :P
  12. Living behind the VW proving grounds, has its advantages!!!

    Anything Auto
    I have been spotting lot of new Dubs, Audis and Seat lately....I really want a Tiguan when they arrive! I've seen them daily and they look awesome, to me atleast. In person they are the same size as an BMW X3. also have seen some new R32's and Audi A5's..both are sweet! Darin
  13. A buncha a living room...w/ a motorcycle (vid)

    Anything Auto Who woulda guessed? :crazy:
  14. Anyone find remnants of an animal living in your car?

    Anything Auto
    Last night I went to check the pollen filter in my B4. What I found when I lifted the cover off the filter area was the nest that some enterprising mouse or chipmunk had cobbled together right on top of the filter, along with scraps of acorns. I guess it was a semi-warm place at night. If anyone...