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  1. Anyone listen to car talk today? Passenger side w/ inch of water. Sound familiar?

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    A passat owner called into the Car Guys radio program this morning ... I can't remember her vehicle year. She explained how they have, on occasion, had an inch of water on their passenger side carpet anytime it rains. Apparently, their permanent strategy had been to put a tarp over the car...
  2. Sit, watch and listen!

    Anything Auto Kind of like me repeating myself on daily basis ehh? I know everyone here is sick of hearing...
  3. Listen to (and watch) the R8 5.2

    Anything Auto :sleep:
  4. Listen to IPOD/MP3 in your Passat (1998-2004 )

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    SOUNDGATE SDSISO Aux (RCA) Interface for VW/Audi With Changer which allows connection of 2 RCA inputs directly into your stock radio! I bought this and decided to go with another set up... It's brand new but in an open case. $60 plus a couple bucks for shipping if needed. [email protected]
  5. So listen to this deal...Unbelievable??

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So listen to this deal...Unbelievable?? *UPDATE with photos ** Update with photos So my buddy's new girlfriend picked up a new EOS because her 2002 Passat V6 GLX, 4Motion began to act up. It's that blueish silver color w/97K on the clock...
  6. car talk, and why i don't listen...

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    just surfin' 'round and landed on this.... just another example of bitchy liberals on npr
  7. Control arm success! (Mainers listen up for a good mechanic)

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    My Febi-Bilstein control arm kit went in with great success today! My (ex-VW/Audi dealership) mechanic assured me that he not only pre-loaded the arms, but that he also used a special anti-seize paste to prevent parts from seizing up again... I'll have to prod him for more info on the paste...
  8. '07 RS4 video. U gotta listen to it!

    Anything Auto
  9. Listen to this crap...disturbing

    The Black Hole
    From,2933,172276,00.html Spaceships? Wow...
  10. Sharky, please have a listen to my engine (1.3MB mp3)

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    Sharky, please have a listen to my engine (1.3MB mp3) New sound file 2000 Passat 1.8T ATW Auto 109000km Test Conditions: -Engine cold -Hood open -Mic is placed about 3' away from engine bay, 6' off ground, pointed at engine from passenger side. The sound is very audible inside the car with...
  11. Sen. Dianne Feinstein - Does this woman listen to what she's saying?

    The Black Hole
    She's like a broken record :banghead: Assault weapons battle rejoined Feinstein fights to reinstate law that expired after 10 years - Edward Epstein, Chronicle Washington Bureau Saturday, February...
  12. Listen to this (Porsche Cayenne S)

    Anything Auto
    I don't really care for SUV's in general, and a Porsche SUV doesn't really make a lot of sense, but i must admit, it sounds fabulous! I just got to take it around the block and it was cool and quite a drive for an SUV. 3 MB video a.s.
  13. Help me out - run out and listen to your CD player, Please!

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm having trouble with my indash single CD unit, and I need someone to go out and listen to theirs which will help in the diagnostic. Turn your system on and turn the volume all the way down. Then load in a CD (don't switch the radio over to CD though yet). Listen closely, what did you...
  14. Just done from the dealer, they don't listen do they?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well, car was done today (80,000 check up) already did the spark plugs, cabin and air filter myself. Anywho... told them not to do certain things, BS jobs! SPECIFICALLY NOT THE TIRE BALLANCE/ROTATE! Told them I was gonna do that in 2 weeks when I put on my rims. Come back and sure enough I was...
  15. who wants to listen to my BOV

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    Just recorded my BOV wooshing . I love it , I love it . I think that was the best mod . GFB Hybrid adjustable BOV
  16. Listen to this, it will blow your mind.

    Anything Auto
    If you've ever been to Barry VW in Hartford CT, you'll be able to visualize this. This women came in because she had a CEL light on. Apparently she was in the day before to fix this, and they changed the O2 sensor. And guess what, the CEL came back on. The women starts asking questions...
  17. You should update your tool box contents and listen to that

    Anything Auto
    You should update your tool box contents and listen to that Little Voice,when ?? So I was off for the last 5 days including the weekend. Sunday I changed the oil in my roomate's '96 Cavalier 2.2 lts OHV and I noticed the valve cover leaking. After some running around Monday afternoon I got home...