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  1. Audi drops manual transmission from U.S. lineup

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  2. Curious about VW V6 engine lineup in 2004

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    I've long been curious as to why VW produced two 2.8 v6 engines. In 2004 VW produced and sold the ATQ in the Passat that we all know, and the VR6 24v BDE in the GTI. Isn't this curious? The VR6 was the more powerful engine (200hp vs 190 for the ATQ) and the extra 10hp would have been welcome in...
  3. Black Forest Industries, New Motor Mount Lineup

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    For the B5 and B5.5 Passat! Hey everyone, not trying to be a walking advertisement (I don't work for them,) but I noticed this local company Black Forest Industries (Raleigh, NC) has started selling motor mounts and a snub comparable to the Stern Mounts. This seems to be a recent development! So...
  4. VW: Green light for extended model line-up in US!

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    Looks like the Passat-based coupe is a go and it will be priced less than the 3.6L. I do not see a Scirocco on the list. :(
  5. Pioneer's 2006 Headunit lineup

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  6. 2004 Chevy Lineup movie featuring the C6 Vette

    Anything Auto right click save as omg i want one soo bad....with delivery at the national corvette museum please :shock:
  7. A new lineup to replace PASSAT W8...

    Anything Auto An interesting article... I guess the PASSAT W8 will be replaced by a new VW C1(A6) in 2006.
  8. Have you seen VW's new lineup?

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    Looks like the damn near copied every manufacturer
  9. XM Lineup Change... just got this email

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    After nearly a year of delivering America's first nationwide digital satellite radio service, we've learned a lot about our listeners' tastes and preferences. Based on subscriber feedback, we will be making a number of enhancements to XM's 100 channel lineup, which will become effective on...