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  1. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion my timing belt service yesterday and replaced the accessory pulley with ECS's lightweight one and now I got a rattle in low RPMs out of first. Mechanic noticed the rattle and asked me about it. He thought it might be the tensioner for that belt. Changed it out, still got a nasty...
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    So Im i need of a new clutch and possibly a new flywheel. heres the post. im am looking at AWE clutch kit or the ECStuning clutch kit. both with a lightweight flywheel...
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    First off, PM ME FOR DETAILS please. Some prices ARE NagoTiablE as i have not updated this in a long time. I am located in Toronto Ontario Canada. I am willing to ship anywhere. Deals can be worked out for someone who buys multiple items. I take paypal and cash ;). Car had 285,000 km on it, but...
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    Im going to order the timing belt kit, looking at it because of the sale the light weight crank pulley would cost only $80. Is it worth getting.. does it make the car shake more at idle or any other adverse effects/roughnesses to the car. Cheers!
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    Like the title says, for sale I have an ECSTuning Lightweight Flyweel and a Sachs Clutch kit, also purchased from ECS Tuning. These are for a 1.8T AEB Frontwheel drive car. Included is the flywheel, flywheel bolts, pressure plate, pressure plate bolts, and clutch disc. The only thing not...
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    I am getting ready to do a timing belt on my 2000 Passat 1.8T and am trying to decide on whether to get the ECS kit with their aluminum pulley. I'm concerned about the decreased rotational mass on the front of the engine without any decreased mass on the rear resulting in a torsional imbalance...
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    So, I bought a ECS Tuning Ultimate Timing Belt Kit recently. (with the lightweight crank pulley) and had it installed today. before the tech went to put it on, he made sure they were the same size, turns out the ECS one was offset by a full groove too much. did they just send the wrong one...
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    Do I need to buy the timing belt kit including ECS Lightweight Crank Pulley ? Thanks
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    Anyone know where to get one?? Single mass. thx
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    Decisions decisions. Be the only Passat to run these! Actually, I've only seen a one MKV run these. I might get greedy and just keep 'em for myself. Specs: 18"x8" BBS RE Offset 35et 5x112 Diamond Black Finish Forged Monobloc Lightweight at around 19 lbs No tires Condition: Used for...
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    Well...I finally got it done yesterday. My odo was at 99061 miles. I have the ATW motor. I also got the lightweight underdrive pulley (that i've had for 2 years already) installed. Now....I don't know if my mind is playing games and wants to think that the pulley gave me more oomph...
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    Brand New, Never Used Ultra-S underdrive and lightweight crank pulley. Pulley only, belt can be pruchased at local auto parts store. Selling $150 shipped in U.S., paypal ready. Thanks, Lawrence
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    Let me know what you got... want light weight, preferably in mint conditions (light scratches at most... NO curbage)... better if it comes with rubbers. Mostly interested in Super OZs, BBS, etc... post pix here, with asking price shipped to 07630.
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    Anyone ever hear of this or better yet hear it? It's sold through a BMW specific audio shop, and seems pretty damn cool. 11 lbs. Made from revolutionary Ultra-Lightweight Composite for low weight and great acoustic properties. We gaurantee you won't find this anywhere else! -Specifically...
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    I have found it here for $230 shipped. anyone have this installed? does the B5 rear sway fits my B5.5?
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    I'm going to drop my tranny in order to put in a built :lol: aftermarket converter that can actually hold some real torque :thumbup: so is there a lightweight K-member that available for the 05 Passat that will also work with the TDI motor?
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    The battery starts the car stronger than the stock one ever did. It is much lighter at only 15.4 LBS. The stock one is 50 pounds. I replaced my OEM battery because it didn't hold the charge well. here is the link to the battery's specs: Bought...
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    *NEW PRICE* Autotech lightweight front sway bars for B5/5.5 SOLD..Mods please close this thread.
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    I have passat 2001.5 V6 and i want to know if it will fitmy car?