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  1. Question re: lug bolts for Flik Lex on B5.5

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    Hi! I bought a set of 4 Flik Lex rims, 18x8, et 35. They did not come with lug bolts. I would like help selecting the correct lug bolts. I need conical seat lugs, correct? What length? If I get spacers, I need lugs bolts that are longer by exactly the size of the spacers correct? How much...
  2. FS: 17" Flik Lex Wheels

    Classified Archive
    Now that I finally have my new wheels on and running, my old set is up for sale - 17" Flik Lex; 5x112; et35. Three of the tires are Toyo Proxes FZ4 - 225/45/17. There is some tread remaining but not much, as they have 40,000 miles on them. There is also noticible cupping on them as well. The...
  3. FT/FS/WTB Feeler: 17" Flik Lex for ???

    Classified Archive
    I have a set of 17" Flik Lex rims that I would like to get rid of in favor of a nicer set of 18's. Looking for a mesh style or open 5-spoke style rim, silver or gun metal/anthracite with or without a lip. Maybe black, but it would have to have a polished lip. Don't have a budget set in stone but...
  4. FS: 17" Flik Lex rims with OK tires

    Classified Archive
    Have 4 17" Flik Lex (5 x 112) with 4 new Nexen 225/50-17 tires. Rims are in good shape. Here is a pic of one of them. No center caps but will include centering rings. Looking for $500. Will split shipping.
  5. 18" Flik Lex rims

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    should i get them for $500 bucks?
  6. vw centers for flik lex's

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    i havent been able to find any vinyl vw emblem stickers that will accomodate the size of the flik lex center caps.... had them for about a year theyre getting yellow and i never liked the centers to begin with..... can anyone help me with some direction here?
  7. FS: Flik Lex

    Classified Archive
    Ok, So I am reposting these rims (again) for sale after a huge fiasco with Fedex. I will post pics later today also. I am asking $500 for all 4 rims w/tires + you pay shipping ($90 or so i think). The rims were scuffed by fedex 2 are in very good condition, 2 are scuffed up (like fedex dropped...
  8. F.S. 18 x 8 Flik lex *anthracite*CHEAP (needs 2 tires)

    Classified Archive
    Ok, so my audi is close to being sold..and well i am going to sell it with the newly powdercoated konig ulyses and new tires.. So....up for sale is my 18 x 8 inch flik lex set up. the rims are FAR from perfect..scratches here and there..but they all hold air and are in descent shape..(clean up...
  9. feeler trade/sell: 18 x 8 anthracite Flik lex

    Classified Archive
    ok these are coming off my audi a4..possibly. 18 x 8 and the offset is 35 passat b5 and b5.5's beautifully. I have these and about 0-400 cash to trade up to something else..straight also... the rims are the Flik discontinued in this color *anthracite* in the 5 x...
  10. Flik Lex photos

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Does anyone have any photos of flik lex rims on there b5, prefferably black, but i will take what i can get. Thanks
  11. FS: 18x8 Flik Lex High Gloss Titanium w/ Hankook K100

    Classified Archive
    I listed these before and this time the price is lowered. Less than 1000 miles on these. Some of you saw them at the SFLGTG. No scratches/scuffs or curbage. Paid over $1100 for these. Selling for $900 shipped. SOLD 18x8 Flik Lex ET: 35mm Weight: 22lbs Wrapped In 225/40 Hankook K100
  12. FS: 18x8 Flik Lex W/ Hankook K100

    Classified Archive
    Well, looks like I am keeping the car so whatever was left is no longer for sale! Thanks.
  13. Lex rx400h -pics-

    Anything Auto
    Don't know how much the styling has changed on this one... But it is the new hybrid version:
  14. FS: 18" Flik Lex

    Classified Archive
    Ok, So I am reposting these rims for sale after a huge fiasco with Fedex. I will post pics later today also. I am asking $600 for all 4 rims w/tires. The rims were scuffed by fedex 2 are in very good condition, 2 are scuffed up (like fedex dropped them on their fronts). They are being sold as...
  15. WTB: Flik Lex's in athracite..17's.18's..whatever

    Classified Archive
    edgeracing discontinued their anthracite LEx ..flik lex wheel..i want 18, 17 or whatever....with tires no tires..whatever..i have some rs4 rims for trade...with tires.. anyway..this is going on my audi up .. thanks!.. come on i know someone doesnt want their flik's or knows of...
  16. Feeler: 18" Flik Lex Gunmetal - Almost new

    Classified Archive
    Anyone interested in these wheels? They're from, i've had them two months, am getting rid of the car now, so there have been maybe a thousand miles on the tires. Three are in MINT condition, one is near mint with a tiny scratch on the lip from a curb (i'll take pictures). Let me...
  17. Want to buy your Flik Lex will pay top dollar

    Classified Archive
    That's right, if you have those rims in a 17 I will buy them and pay you top dollar. I don't need tires, just rims. Let me know.
  18. Sold: 18" Flik LEx Antracite wheels only 5x112

    Classified Archive
    These are off my buddys a4 used for the track only so they do have some scratches on them but no bends or disformation in the wheels. Scratches are hardly noticiable because the wheel is so dark. Seeing if anyone wants them Flik Lex Antracite color(gray) Size: 18x8 PCD: 5x112 ET: 35 Weight...
  19. Anyone have Flik Lex wheels?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Do any of you have the Flik Lex wheel? I would like to see some photos of this wheel on a B5 or B5.5.
  20. FEELER: 17" FLIX Lex'

    Classified Archive
    Anybody wanna buy some 17" Flix Lex rims, set of 5 (all 5 have tires). Two are curbed pretty good....Come with tires Sumitomo HTRZ2's - good winter wheel or for a first set. Make me an offer...Retails around $1200 for this set of 5, i'd be willing to let them go for significantly less...