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    Hi Folks, I am going to be doing my Euro-Spec HID install in the next few days, and I have been trying to find information that will help me get them leveled once they are installed. I found plenty of information (thanks all) on installing, but I seem to be coming up empty with respect to the...
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    how to install this? Euro Spec OEM Bi-Xenon 3 level Manual Leveling Switch i take my dimmer switch and install the dimmer/leveling one? and the leveling starts working?
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Has anyone actually installed a functional manual leveling switch for their HIDS Going to be purchasing Euro-spec OEM bi-xenons for the 5.5 from Airwalk in a few days. I've done a search and did quite a bit of reading last night about the differences between OEM bi-xenons and the W8 bi-xenons...
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    I am selling the following items from my 1999 Passat. The HID headlights were purchased/installed on July 2001. The leveling motors about one month later. I must sell the headlights before I can sell the leveling kit, preferable to the same person. Prices are in US dollars and do not include...