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  1. Parts For Sale
    You get 2 '42DD' power regulators (each capable of powering 4 LED's) and 6 'Perfect Match' (VW Blue) aftermarket gauge LED backlight. $32 + ship.
  2. Parts For Sale
    All bulbs have NEVER been put into service. The top left 2 are yellow 1157, the top right are red 1157's. Incandescent bulbs are top shelf (not china) 1156, 1157 and 194's please study photo or PM me if your not sure. $9 + ship.
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    For some reason, my info center lights are all lit up intermittently. Seems more likely when the car is cold. Any thoughts on what might be happening?
  4. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey guys I got my email from ECS Tuning. Does anyone have any experience with this kit? I've never done an led swap, and it looks like a cool change to the car. Do the leds remove load from the electrical...
  5. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just purchased these off Ebay after doing some research on the Passat forums, these seem like they would look good. I just replaced my low beams with the Sylvania zXe for $55 at Autozone with 4200k (NON HID) they are nice, I'm thinking these will look really good but I really want to disable...
  6. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hay Guys need some help searched and found no answer. I installed LEDs into my turnsignals and i get the normal hyper flash with turn signals and hazards. I installed 25w led load resistors and the turn signals bulbs still flash fast but the hazards are normal now. I only put load resistors on...
    Hi everyone! Today we would like to talk about fog lights. Even though these lights are not as important as high or low beams, they still improve the visibility and driving comfort in the dark. Most of the vehicles today are equipped with stock fog lights, however a lot of base or lower trim...
  8. Europe
    HI everyone I have a B6 VW Passat 2007, 2.0 TDI sport. I aam having some trouble with O/S rear led light cluster, some of the lights are working and the indicator is flicker. I have changed the led light with a brand new light from the dealer and still having the same problem...
  9. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hey. I currently have white H7 bulbs along with LED parking ligjts in my passat. However, it looks a bit weird because the color temperate is different. I can't put Xenon as this is forbidden in my country. Are there any H7 LEDs for the B6 on eBay or somewhere? I couldn't find any. Thanks.
  10. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hey everyone. My father works in a replacement company for cars and he managed to get DRL strips from a Chevrolet Cruze. I was wondering if it could fit my B6 Passat, if so, how would I install them? Can anyone help? Here how they look like:
  11. Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    is there anyone know about how to replace chinese aftermarket LED headlights? i bought one from china, then i found out Pin is different with US version Passat B7, i cant figure out how to make those headlights work on my 2012 passat, anyone has experiences about this issue? 6 pins 9 pins
  12. Parts For Sale
    WTS: Plazma LED H11 White Fog Light Bulbs w/ the resistors to clear the "bulb error" Up for sale is a pair of brand new Plazma LED H11 White Fog Light Bulbs, complete with a pair of resistors to clear the "bulb error" message if your car thru one. I bought these at $33 each (X2 = $66) plus...
  13. Parts For Sale
    Nearly new, used for about 1,500 miles. No longer needed because I removed front mounted intercooler and I am returning Passat to stock (OE projector fog grilles.) Excellent condition, meticulously crafted. One of a kind (until someone else does it from my DIY on PW). Over $250 in parts to...
41-53 of 494 Results