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  1. Porsche LMP1 Racer Takes First Laps

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    See more photos of the Porsche LPM1 Race Car at
  2. DFW, TMS Laps For Charity 9/26 7PM.

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    $30 donation for 3 laps. There are usually a couple of Passats that go each year but I have not been out. I doubt I will go this year as I have little free time due to working so much.
  3. 3 laps of awesomeness

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  4. Take a few laps with me...

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    Last week I fabricated a camera mount for the rollbar on my car. I was pretty stoked to see how it would work at the track this weekend. It didn’t turn out too bad. I'm still a novice when it comes to creating videos and stuff but I thought I'd share a short clip from one of my sessions...
  5. In The Works: BMW E63 M6 TURNING LAPS, 56K BLAH!

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  6. Hood that over laps the headlights?

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    I see pics of this but dont know where you find them to buy? Is this some thing people are doing there self's? or buying the hood like that? -Chelle