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    price drop to 750.00 18" MOMO TWINS WITH NEW KUMHOS $800.00
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    I was out at Gingerman over the weekend. More photos to come in the next few days courtesy of
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    Falken Azenis Sports or Kumho MX's for an autocross tire? Anybody have any input? I'm currently on the last days of my Kumho MX's and wondering if I should stray. I love the Kumhos but are the Falkens any better? :beer:
  4. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I finally got my Variant to the point where I'm satisfied for a while - a little while, anyway! I got the black Mattig Badgeless grill from PG Performance last month, and I got the 17x8 Borbet Type Es and the 225/45 ZR 17 Kuhmo ECSTA Supra 712s from Tire Rack two weeks ago. This coupled with...
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    I'm currently riding on 225/50/ZR16 (daily) Ecsta Supras and they are getting pretty loud. Is this normal or ?. What tire do you guys suggest to get that's more quiet and comfortable without costing too much? Good for 18's too? (other set in need of rubber) TIA