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  1. Kudos to Monsoon

    Mobile Electronics
    Swapped a new Kenwood head unit into my 03 Passat GLS and maaaaaaaaaaaaaan do those stock speakers kick hard when given a little extra push. Honestly, I question the need for a subwoofer at this point. Just like chipping the 1.8T radically transforms the driving experience, a new head unit...
  2. kudos to the parts desk at Autobarn Mount Prospect

    Dealerships and Service
    In my recent search for new coil packs for my 1.8T I searched the internet for prices and then price compared local dealerships. Here are some prices I've found from the internet on the lower end: 06B-905-115-R $25.92 + shipping...
  3. Kudos to VW warranties!

    Dealerships and Service
    I just had to post this, and if I've thrown it in the wrong forum section, I'm sure Admin will move it and order me to thrash myself soundly with a wet noodle. Anyway, picked up my '03 W8 in March of this year. 24K miles, so still under VW's warranty. About three weeks ago (just before I was...
  4. Plastic Dip Stick Guide and Kudos to Drew Parts

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    This afternoon I checked over my car after a recent service at my local dealership that involved transmission removal. To my surprise everything underneath looks pretty good, though they didn't waste any time cleaning anything when they put it back together. Anyway, when out of habit I checked...
  5. 2003 Vent Light Update!!! and kudos to my service department

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Awhile back I had posted that my 2003 B5.5 Variant did not have vent lights. I scheduled service to take care of the issue. They confirmed that all hardware was missing and ordered the parts needed. When I brought the car in for the first oil change, I also requested that install...
  6. Kudos on the New Format

    New Forum Issues
    This looks great! I am, as always, amazed at the quality of I have recently been cruising some other forums, including ones for the M5 and Boxster, and this is by far the highest quality automotive board I have seen. Great work.