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  1. K-line for dummies? Maybe a drawing?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I was wondering if someone could explain the K-Line comm line a little. Does it use a chassis for a "return/common" line? oOr does it have a pair of wires? Does anyone happen to have a drawing of the K-Line curcuit ( airbag mostly). I have a Haynes manual, it's o.k. but doesn't do a great job of...
  2. K-Line please help once again

    Mobile Electronics
    hey guys, so today i took my car to get an inspection, but because of my aftermarket head unit, they couldnt connect the obd2 and it failed. So i took my car to the audio place to get the k-line cut. I showed the guy the website "ross...something" to show him where the k line is, but when he was...
  3. Cutting the K-Line

    Mobile Electronics
    Well i have the aftermarket radio problem and my vag-com only works when my aftermarket pioneer avic-n2 headunit is disconnected. To fix this problem i understand i need to cut the K-line on the harness that connects to the headunit. Is this 110% safe to do? I have heard somewhere that cutting...
  4. Extend K-Line from OBDII to Radio Harness?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello, couldn't find any info, but I need to get the K-Line to the radio harness. I've read I should tap the OBDII connector T15/16 and then extend the wire to the radio harness. What connector would I need to tap the OBDII and how should that be done?
  5. Tuned Madness: BMW Z4M Carbon Coupé by TC Kline

    Anything Auto
    1.261 kg Total weight
  6. TC Kline Carbon Roadster Z4M

    Anything Auto
    BMW Tuner and Sport Car Racing Team, TC Kline Racing Inc. is proud to introduce the Carbon Roadster, the first complete car offered by the company. The Carbon Roadster is a focused ultra high performance sports car based on the already excellent dynamics of the BMW Z4. TC Kline’s passionate...
  7. Does anyone have good info on dual K-line VAG-COM issue?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well like the title says....does anyone? I bought a cable off of ebay and I think the issue I'm having in connecting to the car is due to the dual K-Line issue. I've already read the FAQ on it at Ross-Tech so don't post that please. What I would like to know is more information on the subject...