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  1. USA - East
    Hey trying to find the guy that drives a BLUE b5, i saw you on my way home from work in kings park the other day (25a). . . your car is so nice, beside 1 other person i have never seen another moddifed b5/5.5 besidemine and and a few with just rims. . . Anyways the reason im looking for you...
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Question for the B5 "MOD" kings out there- no-vent lights in new 2003's...... I have pretty much confirmed that the new passat's, of which I have just purchased, have no lights for the vents. In your opinion do you see this becoming a resonable mod to look forward to in the future, or are we...
1-2 of 8 Results