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  1. FS Bunch of new keychains and metal emblems, R-Line, S-Line, S4, M-power,GTI etc....

    Parts For Sale
    Well I got a bunch of these brand new never used keychains, metal chrome emblems for those interested. You got GTI, Alpina, M-power,R-line, S-line, S4, M3, blah blah blah. Looking to sell the $10.00 CAD each and I would just toss them in an envelope to you (assuming that the postage would not...
  2. "VW logo" light beam and/or ~R~ Suspension KeyChains

    Group Buys
    Any interest in these? They're pretty awesome little gadgets, probably the coolest thing VW's ever made for under 50 bucks...;) MSRP on the logo keychain is somewhere around 15 bucks. The R Line suspension keychain is MSRP 19 bucks. If there are 25 interested members, this will go into...
  3. feeler: kubotan keychains and blowdarts

    Group Buys
    just asking around if there is any interest need 10 in either keychain or blowdart to order from my buddy kubotan comes in 4 colors $7 plus shipping blowgun 24in shaft $13 plus shipping 100 dart refill $15 plus shipping 250 dart refill $20 plus shipping 100 paintball refill $ 15 plus shipping...
  4. blue photonic keychains

    Group Buys
    i'll have 30 of these ready to go by saturday so send me an email i only have blue and i can individually send pics b/c i dont have a server to post them on i was asking 7 shipped but now only 6 shipped
  5. FS: blue led keychains

    Classified Archive
    blue led keychains anybody want some of those led keychains i got them in blue only 10 shipped email me [email protected]